Client Engagement Stratgies & Tools

Learn how to use Healthie's online business tools and scheduling platform. Discover client engagement strategies for dietitians today.

Whether you are a tech early adopter or still using pencil and paper, you have most likely noticed that most everyone on the street, in restaurants, on campus, shopping, and at work using some form of nutrition technology. From snapping pictures of meals, to logging and tracking food data, the wide availability of smartphones has completely transformed how people receive nutrition information.

Over 72% of Americans have a smartphone, and with that comes access to countless food and health-related apps. As wellness professionals, utilizing the latest nutrition technology is crucial, not only for running a business, but also for engaging with clients.

More and more, wellness clients are expecting the convenience of technology when scheduling appointments, filling out client paperwork and connecting with their nutrition providers. With a vast number of business tools and client engagement tools, it can be overwhelming to choose the right nutrition technology for your wellness business.

Healthie: Nutrition Technology for Dietitians

Healthie is an all-in-one practice management platform designed for dietitians and nutrition professionals. To help dietitians leverage the latest nutrition technology, Healthie’s platform integrates several business and client tools in one cohesive place.

Online Scheduling: Healthie’s calendar and scheduling tool allows providers and group nutrition practices to easily manage client scheduling. Healthie even support client self-booking for providers who want to minimize their time scheduling client appointments. With automated text and email appointment reminders, Healthie saves hours of administrative work each week.

Billing + Client Payments: Healthie integrates with Stripe to allow providers to professional bill clients for services. Build client packages within Healthie, that can be easily added to your website or sent to clients for convenient billing. Collect and store credit cards with Healthie’s secure billing feature.

Insurance Billing: for insurance-based nutrition practices, Healthie’s insurance feature allows providers to quickly generate CMS-1500 claims for clients. Integrated with Office Ally, claim submission is easy, and efficient. Dietitians can manage billing independently, or grant access to a biller to manage their claims.

Telehealth + Virtual Care: expand your practice, and services, by offering virtual care to clients. At the forefront of nutrition technology, Healthie’s HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform provides a secure, reliable and professional way to connect with clients via video chat. With Zoom integration, you can host individual or group video chats as well as webinars.

Charting, EHR + E-Fax: finally, a charting platform designed for dietitians. Leverage Healthie’s internal library of forms and charting templates including ADIME and SOAP notes, or customize your charting forms for your clientele. Connect with doctors and medical professionals to securely send (or receive) client chart notes through Healthie’s E-Fax feature, and eliminate the need for an actual fax machine.

E-Paperwork: automatically distribute new client paperwork and practice policies for clients to complete and e-sign prior to their first session. Customize your paperwork within Healthie, with the option to create different intakes for different client groups. Create as many client groups as you’d like, to improve the work flow of your wellness business.

Using Nutrition Technology to Connect with Clients

Healthie’s web platform and mobile app are free for clients to use. For dietitians, simply add your client to your Healthie account and they’ll receive an invitation to create a login for their client portal as well as a link to download the Healthie mobile app.

Food Journal: keeping track of client’s food intake is a valuable tool for every dietitian. Clients can snap photos of their meals and upload them to their Healthie client account. As their dietitian, you’ll be able to view your client’s latest food journal entries, and share feedback on each food journal entry as needed.

Chat: avoid having clients email or send text messages, and instead, message you through Healthie’s secure client chat system. Chat with clients individually, start a group chat or send out blast messages for clients to see. Streamline how you connect, and support, your clients.

Goals: Healthie’s Goal setting platform allows dietitians to create timely, relevant goals that clients can view and mark off as completed. As an engaging tool, clients feel supported and motivated to make steps towards their wellness goals.

Online Programs: create online wellness programs or educational courses that automatically distribute content to enrolled clients. Bring a valuable service to existing clients, or use your wellness program as a marketing tool for prospective clients.

Leveraging the latest nutrition technology can help you streamline your practice, and offer valuable client engagement tools. Save time and money, by having all of the business tools you need, designed with your practice in mind. Even more, connect with clients in a secure, and convenient way to improve client care and retention.

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