Our software helps companies deliver health & wellness services

Healthie is a technology company that offers telehealth, business management, and coaching tools for digital health startups, retail stores, health and wellness clinics and other organizations. Our software and API helps companies of all sizes deliver virtual and in-person care.


Increasing Access to Preventative Care

Despite the fact that investments in health and wellness are consistently shown to be a fantastic ROI, we rarely focus on it, and instead focus on care delivery when it's too late.

Our customers are changing this paradigm, as we increasingly realize that investing in our health is one of the most important things that we can do.

Increasing access to these services enables more people to live healthier lives -- which contributes to a better society.


Providing a Comprehensive Virtual Experience

More than ever, healthcare providers need ways to connect virtually with clients. Healthie's software goes far beyond a telehealth offering, coupling asynchronous engagement with scalable tools to reach clients and streamline back-office operations.

Back-office Tooling

As your client load scales, it's essential to automate back-office operations like scheduling, intake forms, and billing (insurance & self-pay)  so that you can spend more time where it matters most: on client care.

Client Engagement

Build long-term relationships with your clients using scalable tools like journal entries, goals setting, Chat, Metrics logging, and more.

Online Coaching Tools

Deliver your pre-created programs, or leverage our existing Content, to automatically reach your clients. Distribute videos, e-mails, surveys and handouts, and couple with live webinars and Telehealth sessions.


Your comprehensive, scalable software solution

Healthie has a full suite of tools to help you launch, grow, and scale your business. Let us focus on the technology, so you can focus on client care.

Customize Your Account

Designed to adapt to your business needs, Healthie can be used as your only technology platform, or can work in synergy with existing systems.

Add Your Team

Add a support account for any office administrators, assistants, billers, and consultants. As an admin, you’ll be able to maintain each support account’s permissions and settings.

Invite Your Clients

Through their Healthie Client Portal, clients can fully manage their account, and work with their healthcare provider for modern care.


Healthie Powers a New Wave of Health Companies

Our customers know that prevention, facilitated through long-term relationships and accountability between providers and clients, is the ultimate solution to the healthcare challenges that we face today.


Helping Practices Elevate Their Business and Client Care Since 2016


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