About Us

Healthie is building the platform to shape how healthcare is delivered.

About Us

We stand for a better healthcare outside of the hospital.

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Building better healthcare.
Working at Healthie means you serve thousands of innovative health tech companies. Healthie’s technology serves as the backbone for incredible virtual-first organizations that build long-term relationships with their customers, contributing to a better healthcare system.
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United in purpose.
We are a mission-driven team that cares about what we do, and cares about doing good for our world. We know there’s no such thing as overnight success, and company-building it requires both resilience and hard work. We are looking for passionate, kind, and determined individuals to join us as we reshape the way healthcare can be delivered.

We've been helping our customers deliver quality care since 2016.

$2 Billion
Capital raised by Healthie customers.
$450 Million
Patient payments processed on Healthie.
6 Million
Patients receiving access to care through Healthie.
Our Founding Story

Healthie was born from the life changing care provided to the family members of Founders Erica and Cavan through dietitians and life coaches. This long term, virtual-first, recurring relationship between practitioners and patients sparked the belief that this is how healthcare should be for everyone.

At the time, practitioners were required to use many different software tools, along with pen & paper to run their practice, which was anything but efficient. Erica and Cavan immediately saw the opportunity to build the infrastructure that was greatly needed to deliver life changing care without being bogged down or delayed.

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“Healthie is on the mission to make virtual-first, collaborative care the dominant form of care delivery.”
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A professional woman in formal attire, wearing a suit and tie, seated gracefully in a chair.

True to their word, Healthie has continued to deliver business critical tools that every provider needs, leading to a radical (and welcome) transformation in the health & wellness space. This care model has become the foundation for the next generation of healthcare, as more and more patients are engaging with more and more practitioners outside of the hospital walls in a proactive and preventative manner.

Healthie is trusted by the leaders reshaping healthcare delivery

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Careers at Healthie

Healthie grows with you, no matter the size.

Join the Healthie team and help us build healthcare outside of the hospital.

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