Patient Engagement

Build long term relationships for better health outcomes

Modern patient engagement for synchronous & async care, including a companion mobile app for providers and patients.

Create an entirely custom patient experience.

Healthie’s comprehensive patient portal works for you and your business out of the box, or you can use the API to customize every component giving you complete control over the patient experience.

Healthie's platform meets the highest certification standards for data security and privacy, leveraging industry standards to secure data for you and your clients.

Telehealth tools built for providers directly into your product.

  • HIPAA-compliant Zoom integration.

  • Bring your own telehealth service (link external video call URLs).

  • Split-screen charting during video calls.

  • Support for group video calls.

Support your patients between sessions.

  • Deliver care plans for patients to follow 

  • HIPAA-compliant messaging allows you to chat directly with patients on desktop and mobile.

  • Patients can add journal entries, view and share documents, and track their goals.

A companion app that can be entirely white-labeled.

  • Give your patients access to their patient portal with your own branded application.

  • Access the Healthie API to integrate the patient portal into your own application.

All Patient engagement features

Build long term relationships with your patients.

  • Mobile App for Providers & Patients
  • Web & Mobile White-Labeling
  • Customizable Patient Portal
  • Built-in Telehealth
  • HIPAA-compliant Zoom
  • Link External Video Call URLs
  • Provider-Patient Messaging
  • Group Messaging & Message Blasts
  • Video Calls made within EHR Window
  • Care Plans
  • Out-of-office Autoresponder
  • Announcements to Patients
  • Patients can upload Documents
  • Patients can complete Forms & Assessments
  • Wellness Programs
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Logging
  • Integrations with Wearables
  • Goal Setting
  • Goal Setting

A platform that 
is modular and

Developer Docs

Extend the functionality & capabilities of EHR through Healthie's API, allowing you to design it how you choose with no limits.

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