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Powering Innovation for the Next Wave of Healthcare

Empowering Healthcare

Working at Healthie means you serve thousands of innovative health tech companies. Healthie’s technology serves as the backbone for incredible virtual-first organizations that build long-term relationships with their customers, contributing to a better healthcare system.

Mission Driven

We are a mission-driven team that cares about what we do, and cares about doing good for our world. We know there’s no such thing as overnight success, and company-building it requires both resilience and hard work. We are looking for passionate, kind, and determined individuals to join us as we reshape the way healthcare can be delivered.

Number of Lives Impacted 2,000,000+

We Work with a lot of Amazing Customers

Our Values

What Matters Most to Us


"Make improvements, not excuses. Seek respect, not attention." We approach our work with a quiet-ego, open-mindedness, and gratitude. We collaborate with kindness and are respectful toward each other and the work we contribute. We embrace diversity of thought as an advantage and create space for differing perspectives and methods. We recognize that no one person is more important than another, no task is beneath us, and each person’s work is valuable to our success.


“When the going gets tough, the tough gets going." No matter the challenges or setbacks we face, we find a way to push forward with grit and determination to reach our goals. Together, we are unified in our mission and know no bounds.


"With great power comes great responsibility." We design powerful, business-critical technology and take great care to both safeguard client information and ensure that our platform and team are able to handle anything that comes our way.

Employee Testimonials

Why We Love Healthie

“What I love most about Healthie are the people - we're a team of motivated individuals helping to shape a movement toward better and more accessible health care that has been long overdue. Healthie is a place that fosters personal development; where everyone is always more than willing to help, but never afraid to take initiative.”

Brandon R.
Full Stack Engineer

“It's amazing to work at a company that is so mission driven and without any egos. Everyone that works here wants to be part of building something great and instead of working for one digital health company at the forefront of modernizing healthcare, we are all able to, in essence, work for, and help, thousands.”

Jenna P.
Chief of Staff

“I like working at Healthie because of the 'all hands in' mentality everyone has. From the top to the bottom everyone works together and has their voice heard. The benefits are great and have only improved since I started because leadership genuinely cares about everyone's quality of life.”

Lee F.
Executive Assistant

Our team is pretty special, together we...

Read 209 books last year

Pet:human ratio of 1:1

Can speak 10 languages

Have visited an average of 11 countries each

59% believe the chicken came before the egg

Play 7 instruments

Healthie Perks

In addition to the table stakes (medical, dental, vision), we go above and beyond to ensure our team members can thrive inside and outside of work.

One Medical

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