Platform Overview

Rapidly launch, customize, and scale relationship-based care.

Healthie's platform meets the highest certification standards for data security and privacy, leveraging industry standards to secure data for you and your clients.

Every tool you need to grow your practice.

Practice Management
A single, integrated back office to streamline your administrative work.
Leverage the industry's strongest foundation for booking sessions and automating follow-ups as you scale your practice.
Reporting & Analytics
Healthie’s reports lets you view patient population data, business forecasting, and usage statistics to help you dial in your operations.
Create and submit insurance claims, track statuses, and collect patient owed responsibilities, all in one place.
Billing is complex and always evolving. Healthie ensures that all methods of billing are supported and up to standard.
Workflow Automation
Focus your time and effort on delivering quality care.
Cloud-Based EHR
Our ONC-certified EHR let’s you access patient information from any device.
Intake & Onboarding
Save time charting by using forms that are customized for your practice and flow directly into Healthie’s EHR.
Securely access patient information on any device while giving your patients an experience that they expect.
Clinical Tools
Fullscript, E-Labs, and E-Rx connected directly to your clinical workflows.
Multi-Provider Support
Share resources, collaborate across patients, and set custom permissions around core business needs. Streamline operations,
Care Plans
Recommendations, resources and documents can be applied progressively to help patients achieve their goals.
Patient Engagement
Build long-term relationships with your patients to drive better health outcomes.
Patient Portal
Patients can add journal entries, view and share documents, and chat within your secure patient portal.
Our HIPAA-compliant messaging platform allows you to chat directly with patients and your team on desktop and mobile.
Programs & Courses
Easily enroll existing or prospective patients into a preset program that can be released on a fixed date or rolling basis.
Telehealth & Webinars
HIPAA-compliant video sessions fully integrated with your scheduling, charting, and billing system.
Connect your patients daily habits to your care plan for improved success.
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Healthie dashboard screenshot displaying key metrics and data for efficient decision-making.

Healthie is built for everyone


Thousands of providers use Healthie as their practice management tool for intake, scheduling, charting and more.


Healthie has a fully integrated patient portal allowing for scheduling, managing bookings, document submissions and even follow up material reviews. With direct app access to their care plans included, taking control of their health is an easy fix.


The unsung heroes - we support administrators through schedule coordination, front and back-office stacks, clinical ops and more. Less clicks, more data, better efficiency.


Our open & flexible infrastructure makes scaling simple.

  • Same core platform, designed to scale for Enterprise needs.

  • Leverage API & SDKs to build out patient and clinician experiences.

  • Bridge your account data with business intelligence tools for more advanced reporting.

Launch, grow & scale your business today.