Why Is Private Practice Management Software Important?

Discover Healthie's practice management software and its benefits. Save time and money by streamlining your business operations.

Congratulations, you’re committed to building your business! You’ve researched for months, talked to mentors, reviewed your financials, considered a practice management software, and probably hesitated to launch your business more than once.

These hesitations are 100% normal and expected as a new business owner. We understand that structuring your time, acquiring clients, and running a business is brand new for you.

What do you really need to get started?

Is it really necessary to invest in a practice management software?

Our research and experience prove yes.

You can save money and time, plus grow your business faster, by utilizing a software like Healthie.

An all-in-one practice management software, specifically tailored to nutrition and wellness professionals, is the solution to a more streamlined, rewarding, and successful business journey.

What’s holding you back?

If you’re honest with yourself, you may find that you’re fearful about investing in a practice management software. We know this investment will only further feed your success. Therefore, we urge you to dig deep and ask yourself what you’re really fearful of.

If you are hesitant to make the purchase, Healthie offers a Starter Plan so you can try our features for free!

Starting a business is an investment, in more ways than one. These fears are 100 percent normal and legitimate. Your time is valuable, as is your peace of mind.

So, with all this in mind, you have a few choices to make:

1. Should you use various subscriptions, switching between tools to manage tasks?

While it is possible, it’s not the most efficient. A lot of time and money is likely wasted, without the additional features of an all-in-one platform.

2. Should you do everything on your own, without any tools?

This may work out at the earliest stages, but isn’t the safest bet for success. Work catches up you, and you may end up spending more money and time on services and help as your business grows. This may also be foregoing legality and security depending on your practices.

3. Should you invest in an all-in-one practice management software from the start?

Once you find the best software for you, this is likely the most efficient and valuable investment in your success. Of course, you can only know what is best for you! We’re here to show you how a practice management software is beyond worthwhile, no matter the stage of your business.

Investing in tools for success is a necessary part of the journey, and a practice management software may be just what you need. Take it from Healthie community member and business owner Rachel Hudes who shared with us how Healthie grew her private practice to the next level:  

The value of Healthie is considerably more than the dollar investment.

Billing Services

Time Saved: ~6 hours/month, varying with client load

$$ Saved: Billing administrator (roughly $20/hour) + Payment Processing (up to $149/month) + the price of your sanity!

When using an all-in-one platform, like Healthie, you no longer need a separate payment processing software. Other payment processing softwares can cost upwards of $149/month, depending on your subscription.

Healthie integrates with Stripe. The processing fees for payments remains the same (2.9% + $0.30 per charge), however, you save time and increase efficiency because your payment processor is within the same platform (no extra clicks or browsers need to be open).

The processing fees are standard across all payment processors. Most of our providers add the Stripe processing fees to the cost of a session.

Additionally, in Healthie you can generate Superbills, CMS 1500 forms, and invoices in just a few minutes. Creating these forms on your own is a huge time suck!

Plus, we know these administrative tasks are NOT your favorite way to spend your time. Save the money and your sanity!


Hosting Virtual Sessions and Webinars

$$ Saved: At least $14.99/month

Do you want to host secure, HIPAA-compliant virtual sessions and webinars?

For any session for over 40 minutes, a Zoom subscription starts at $14.99/month.

Luckily, Healthie integrates with Zoom! You can host virtual webinars, record videos for online packages, and more, all within the same platform. Healthie’s Plus, Group, and Enterprise levels all integrate with HIPAA-compliant Zoom. To set up a free Starter account to test out other features, click here.

Automated Appointment Reminders

Time Saved: ~1-2 hrs/week, varying with client load

$$ Saved: Appointment reminder/scheduler service (up to $249/month) + cost of no-shows

No shows are a huge waste of time and money.

Appointment reminders ensure this won’t happen, or at least allows your clients to reschedule, if necessary (and per your cancellation policy).

If you choose to text or email reminders manually, this can take hours out of your week. SMS and email services generally start at around $25/month, with steep price increases, for a limited number of appointment reminders. Plus, they usually aren’t HIPAA-compliant.

Sending automated text or email reminders, through Healthie, prevents no-shows at no extra cost or effort AND is always HIPAA-compliant.

Message Blasts

Time Saved: ~2 hours/month, varying with client load

$$ Saved: SMS marketing service (at least $25/month, generally separate from appointment reminders service)

Think of messages blasts like a BCC in an email. When you send a message blast to your clients, each client will receive the message as if it were written just for them.

Message blasts are great for:

  • Wishing a happy holiday
  • Letting clients know if you’ll be away
  • Offering promotions
  • Sending motivational thoughts

The time you would spend individually texting every client is unrealistic within your hectic schedule (and not HIPAA-compliant). SMS marketing services that include group messaging start at $25/month, for a limited number of messages.

Save time and increase client engagement with Healthie’s unlimited message blast feature.

Office Space

Time Saved: Commuting to and from your office (This ranges, but we’ll estimate 1 hour/day, 5 days per week, for a total of 20 hours/month).

$$ Saved: Varies depending on rent

Office space may be necessary for your business model and practice preferences. However, you can still offer telehealth consultations a couple days a week, to save money and time.

If you choose to offer 100% virtual services, telehealth can make services more cost effective for you AND your clients, especially if you’re just starting your practice. You’ll save on rent because you can work from anywhere (including the comforts of your own home), but also avoid additional fees for having office space, like renters insurance, furnishings, admin support, and more.

HIPAA-Compliant E-Fax

$$ Saved: Up to $16.95/month

By using Healthie’s built-in e-fax feature, you will save money and stay in close communication with referring providers and insurance networks.

Bonus: Easy communication can help you build strong referral relationships to grow your clientele.


Time Saved: ~2 hours/month, varying with client load

As a business owner, it’s necessary to track your business metrics, like payments, to stay on top of earnings and business growth.

It’s also important to keep records of your clients’ contact information and any personal metrics you choose to track organized as well.

Creating your own Google spreadsheets to record business metrics and contacts can be incredibly time consuming, stressful, and even inaccurate.  

Save time, avoid mistakes, and automatically pull all of these reports through Healthie.  

The Value of a Practice Management Platform- The Healthie Blog
Image of Healthie's Reporting tool

So, what does all this mean?

In terms of numbers, we’re estimating:

Total Time Saved: ~34 hours per month, varying with client load and commute

Total $$ Saved: ~$574.94 per month, varying with client load + cost of office rent

Of course, how you spend your money and time are up to you, but we think you may enjoy allocating your money for more effective tools to build your business and using extra time for:

  • Marketing
  • Seeing more clients
  • Doing the work you enjoy most
  • Spending time with family and friends
  • Living your best life

Even more, what if you could feel empowered instead of stressed when managing your business?

The stressful situations you avoid cannot be calculated in numbers, but can be measured in your sanity! As cliche as it sounds, the truth is, your happiness and sanity are priceless.

The more at ease you feel, the more rewarding your journey and your success can be.  

We also want to provide you with the educational tools and community that will help ensure business growth, in addition to the tools your business needs to stay organized. That’s why we offer regular webinars and free ebooks on launching and growing your business, marketing, and more.

We want to make sure you have all the tools you need to grow your business and feel empowered along the way. Click here to sign up for a free Starter Account and get started with Healthie today!

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Make more time to grow your business

Use a platform that automates the administrative, so you can focus on growth and care.

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Make more time to grow your business

Use a platform that automates the administrative, so you can focus on growth and care.

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