back office management

A single, integrated back office to manage complexity

Operate with efficiency and accuracy using our Healthie’s payments, reports, and workflow automations. Healthie can handle your process, not matter how complex.

Onboard providers seamlessly into your care model.

  • Create charting, intake and care plan programs to be used across the entire organization.

  • Tag providers with license, location and timezone for intelligent patient-provider matching.

  • Role-based permissions — customize over 40 permissions and settings for each member of your team (including Support accounts).

Task management to keep your team on track.

  • Smart tasks automatically create tasks connected to your patients.

  • Assign tasks to other members of your organization and view tasks that others have assigned you.

  • Access the API to build your own task automations.

Build your perfect billing and insurance workflow.

  • Create and manage CMS-1500 and Superbills.

  • Automatically submit claims based on custom rules.

  • Charge or invoice for patient-owned responsibilities such as copays or denied claims.

  • Manage all claims in one dashboard.

A real-time picture of your business performance.

  • Instantly see forecasted revenue and utilization based on booked appointments.

  • Run analyses on appointments per provider.

  • Connect reports and metrics to your own business intelligence tools through the Healthie API.

All Back office features

Save time, reduce clicks and make better business decisions.

  • Card Payments Processing (credit, debit, HSA/FSA, ACH)
  • Recurring Payments & Subscriptions
  • Patient Invoicing
  • Credits and Promo Codes
  • Pre-visit Payments
  • Record Outside Payments
  • RCM Integrations
  • Create Superbills
  • Create CMS 1500s
  • Claims Submission
  • Claims Adjudication & Remittance Handling
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Preset Reports
  • Custom Reporting
  • Pre-visit Payments
  • Record Outside Payments
  • Data Exports
  • Dashboard Interface

A platform that 
is modular and

Developer Docs

Extend the functionality & capabilities of EHR through Healthie's API, allowing you to design it how you choose with no limits.

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