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Build and Buy, and never reach a limit. With Healthie you can use our out of the box UI as well as tap into the API to customize any aspect you choose.

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Integrate the tools you already use.

It's easy to integrate Healthie into apps you already use like Google Fit, Apple Health and Fitbit.

Business critical software that you can rely on.

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A foundation to build on, that never reaches a limit.

With Healthie+  you gain the benefits of both buying and building from day one.  Access and customize all three layers of the Healthie tech stack to build your perfect platform.

We’re here to partner with you, whether you need to get up and running quickly, or build with our headless solution.

Go live in as little as a few a weeks. Let our UI & API 
guide the way.
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The last EHR migration you’ll ever have to do.

Our dedicated customer support and implementation team is here to help you get up and running.

Security that gives 
you peace of mind.

Healthie's platform meets the highest certification standards for data security and privacy, leveraging industry standards to secure data for you and your clients.

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