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How Healthie Works

What Is Healthie?
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How Does Healthie Work?
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Does Healthie have an API?
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Why Should I Choose Healthie?

How To Access Healthie

Can I Use Healthie Outside Of The United States?
When Is The Right Time To Get Healthie?
How Do I Access Healthie?
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Healthie Technology & Security

What Hardware Do I need In Order To Use Healthie?
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How Is Client Information Protected?
Does Healthie Offer A Business Associate Agreement?

Healthie Billing & Fees

Can I Try Healthie For Free?
How Can I Make the Most of My Trial?
Am I Committing To Anything?
Can I Cancel My Trial?

Support Healthie Provides

Do You Provide Training? Does It Cost Extra?
Can I Move My Client Information From Another Platform To Healthie?
I Have A Question That Isn’t Answered Here. Where Can I Get Help?