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All-in-one practice management platform

All the tools you need to grow your family care business

Multiple points of contact for a single patient.

Whether young or old, ensure the your patients receive the correct notifications and Superbills directly.

Charting templates for pediatric patients.

A direct integration with the WHO growth charts allows you to quickly and accurately monitor weight and health benchmarks.

Link patient accounts to indicate relationships.

You can link patient accounts in Healthie’s EHR to streamline your admin workflow or to identify potential health patterns in the family.

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Integrate the tools you already use

Behavioralists love to use integrations such as OPTT Health, Mirah and Kintsugi.

Healthie's platform meets the highest certification standards for data security and privacy, leveraging industry standards to secure data for you and your clients.


Healthie's EHR telehealth platform is uniquely designed to cater to the diverse needs of family care professionals, offering tailored features to address the requirements of both pediatrics and geriatrics. For pediatric care, the platform provides specialized tools to support child-friendly telehealth sessions. With features such as secure messaging and video consultations, Healthie ensures that family care professionals can engage effectively with young patient’s parents, fostering communication and trust. Additionally, the platform allows for the secure sharing of resources, including educational materials and care plans, to empower parents and caregivers in managing the health and well-being of their children.

For geriatric care, Healthie's EHR platform is equipped with functionalities that accommodate the unique needs of older adults. The platform facilitates user-friendly video consultations and secure messaging, ensuring accessible and convenient communication between geriatric patients and their family care providers. Healthie also supports the integration of health metrics from devices like Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit, allowing for remote monitoring and personalized care plans tailored to the specific health concerns of the elderly.

Healthie assists family care professionals by providing robust features that facilitate the coordination of care among different family members, ensuring a unified approach to healthcare. The platform's integrated and secure messaging system allows seamless communication among family care providers, enabling them to collaborate on treatment plans, share insights, and stay informed about each family member's health journey.

Additionally, Healthie's telehealth capabilities enable virtual consultations for multiple family members, promoting accessibility and convenience. With tools for sharing educational materials, setting common health goals, and tracking progress collectively, Healthie empowers family care professionals to adopt a collaborative and comprehensive approach to healthcare, enhancing the overall well-being of each family member.

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