How to Sell Nutrition Packages to Clients

Discover how make service packages and bundles. Learn how to create and sell nutrition packages to your clients with Healthie.

In Healthie, creating client packages makes it easy for clients to purchase your services, whether they are buying one session or several months worth of sessions at a time. You can also automate weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual charges too. Clients can purchase sessions and packages with you directly from the platform, and money goes directly to your bank account.

With Healthie’s client packages feature, you can:

  • Build client’s packages for your services
  • Set one-time or recurring payment subscriptions
  • Customize what packages are visible to your client
  • Establish promo codes for some or all of your package
  • Link client package to a Healthie online program or educational series that you’ve created
  • Add packages to your website or a newsletter e-mail for clients to purchase directly (a Healthie account will be automatically created for the client and linked to your account)

In this deep-dive article, we’re covering all of the basics you need to create, share and bill for self-pay client nutrition packages within the Healthie Billing platform. From discovery calls, to building subscription packages, and also learn how to make your client packages to promote a profitable nutrition practice.

Creating a New Client Package in Healthie

Building client packages in Healthie is simple, but creating packages that sell require some strategy. Follow allong as we take you step-by-step how to create your client package, with useful insights on marketing and sales techniques.

Navigate to BILLING from your client dashboard > Select “Client Package”

Getting Started

Step 1. Create a name and description that speaks to your client

When you share a client package with a new (or existing) client, your package will tell them a lot about what to expect when working together. Beyond included appointment types or services, creating a compelling description and title will help your client feel comfortable taking the next steps.

For your convenience, several sample images are included for you to choose from when designing your package. Leverage existing images, or bring through your brand by adding your own.

To help create compelling packages, you can now add a video to each client package. Add your video by uploading it to YouTube or Vimeo, and then including the URL the link in the video field. Edit past packages to include a video, or create a new package as needed.

Client Packages: Creating Nutrition Packages That Sell

Benefits of including an Introductory Video:

  • Create an instant connection with prospective clients
  • Highlight the advantages of working together
  • Review expectations and elaborate on what’s included within your package
  • Showcases the benefits clients can expect to receive
  • Adds to your branding
Getting Started

Step 2. Bundle services that add value to your package

Each package consists of a bundle of services that you offer. As you build your new package, you’ll have the option to include services (ie. appointment types, webinars, programs, group sessions) that you currently have created within Healthie. Then select which services you’d like to offer in this package, and indicate how many of these will be included in this package.

There are a number of ways to structure your client packages, so consider what type of working relationship will prove most beneficial for your clients (and is financially feasible for your practice).

Some suggestions for how to structure your client packages:

  • Bundled sessions: offering client packages are a great way to encourage a long-term relationship with your clients from day one. Most of the time, when clients purchase a multiple-session package, they’re committing to improve their health over time.
  • Monthly subscription services: designed to be recurring payments (ie. 3, 6 or 12 month plans). Many providers choose to require a commitment of working together, designed around how long it realistically will take their clients to see change.
  • Add-on subscription services: Typically used for additional premium services that will bring value to clients for select clients (ie. ongoing food diary review, or chat support)
Client Packages: Creating Nutrition Packages That Sell

If you don’t want your client package to be associated with any specific appointment types, then leave the appointment-type options blank. Your package will generate and not show any appointments included. This is a great way to market your add-on or subscription services for a fee.

For example, in insurance-based practices, between session support cannot be billed through insurance, so is often time a provider spends for no fee. Create a package that offers between session support like unlimited message support via Healthie chat or weekly food diary reviews with feedback. As a result, your existing clients can choose to purchase this concierge service for a monthly fee.

For existing clients, retain them as clients by creating client packages that will continue to keep them supported and motivated as they work with you. Many providers choose to create “maintenance,” and packages that cater to what kind of support their clients most value (ie. short but quick virtual follow-ups, ongoing food diary review).

Client Packages: Creating Nutrition Packages That Sell

Pro Tip: Creating programs, pre-recoreded videos/webinars or downloadable items like an E-Book or recipe colletion are great incentives to add to your client packages. This items take some time upfront for you to create, but you can continue to offer them in new client packages, to help prospective clients feel incentived to purchase! The additional revenue these items will generate over time, are a great way to increase your practice income.

Step 3. Think about how your client will navigate through Healthie

Towards the end of building your new client package, you’ll have the opportunity to indicate which group your client will be automatically moved to once they purchase this package. Within Healthie, client groups are a useful way to organize your clientele, but it also shapes how your client will experience Healthie. Each group is associated with certain paperwork and can have access to documents that you’ve shared with the group

If you create client packages for multiple different clients and DON’T want them to see packages for other groups, be sure to keep the package “not visible” to clients within Healthie. Existing clients can log in to their Healthie client account and go to Billing > Client Packages to view all “visible” services. From there, they can view details or purchase new services.

Healthie note: if your client moves to a NEW group, they will not lose access to any documents that were previously shared with them. Then you can prompt them to complete any new paperwork that’s associated with their new group, but there existing paperwork and forms will securely remain within their client account

Step 4. Choose the best share link for your client package

Once your client package is created, there are several ways that you can strategically share it. Read through the different share options so that you can find the signup link that will be convenient for your client and work for your service.

Embedding your package directly into your website

With the first share option, you’ll be able to copy an “embed” code, which can then be used to incorporate your package as part of your web page. Clients will then be able to purchase your package and book their appointment directly through your website. This offers convenient booking and will automatically create a client account within your Healthie platform.

Use a share code across multiple platforms

For convenient sharing of your package, you can select the second tab within the share screen to copy the “share” link (as opposed to the embed code). When you share this link and clients click on it, it will show your package in a web browser tab. They can then continue to follow the steps for filling out their contact information, billing information and book their appointments.

Some ways you can use the share link to connect with clients:

  • Link to a “button” on your website
  • Send in an email blast
  • Include in a digital newsletter
  • Send directly to a client via Healthie Chat or email

Even more, Client Packages within Healthie allows you to curate the services you offer. Customize which packages you share with a single share link. Practice use cases for this new feature:

  • Groups and organizations can create a link for specific provider(s) and which packages are associated with these team members
  • If you want to show different packages on different pages of your website, you can create multiple links (embed codes or share links)
  • When promoting a select few packages, you can customize the link so clients will only show these spotlight packages
  • When working with different client-populations, you may want to share *specific* packages with each group (ie. deselect your weight loss packages when sending an eating disorder client a packages link)

Don’t just share, market your new client package

Gain new client leads for your practice with FREE packages

Take your marketing strategy one step further by leveraging the client packages tool to create lead generation items. This can be a service like a webinar or a document (ie. meal planning template) that you offer for free, and in return for clients filling out their name and email. By capturing their contact information, you can then put lead emails into a strategic marketing campaign. You’ve attracted your ideal client, and now it’s up to you to create a relationship that will encourage them to work with you.

You may also want to consider offering “free” packages if you’d like to promote a new service, like a program or educational series. By creating a free live session, or introductory material that you can send to free to new or existing clients. This can be a way for them to learn about your service, and feel comfortable taking the next steps in purchasing.

Within Healthie client packages, leave the price box blank, and your package will automatically list as FREE.

Step 5. Charging clients directly for services

Request Payment

The most opportune time to sell clients any packages, is during your discovery call or client session. Talking together will allow you to showcase the value of your services, and read any client hesitation with moving forward. Then you can discuss any barriers to taking the next steps, and help your client feel totally comfortable with purchasing. You’ll also ensure that a client doesn’t leave your session and delay or forget to purchase a client package (it happens!).

Clients are turning to you as the expert to recommend the best packages for them, so be confident in your offerings. If a new client seems excited to work together, sign them up! If an existing client has finished a package, ask them to go ahead and purchase another.

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