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Promote client accountability through convenient and virtual nutrition education and wellness services.

Nourish helps clients achieve their desired health and wellness goals through personalized nutrition counseling, and get it all covered by insurance. Nourish has grown quickly and was in need of an API-first platform. The Healthie team was able to integrate Nourish’s existing workflows and provide limitless API capabilities with little to no disruption in their delivery of care.

"Healthie has allowed us to rapidly scale the number of providers and patients we serve without sacrificing quality or burdening our client experience team. We’re excited to grow alongside Healthie to get more people the quality nutritional counseling they need."

Aidan Dewar

Temper is a virtual platform that helps clients master their metabolism and manage a healthy fasting plan. Through a science-backed approach to fasting, Temper coaches are supporting clients to meet challenges head-on 8 hours a day. Healthie's scheduling system and in-app messaging streamlined both sync and async communication, drastically improving Temper's workflow.

"We selected Healthie not just for the platform, but also for the white label mobile app. With extensive experience in building apps from the ground up, we know how much development time goes into a customer-ready product. Being able to brand the Healthie mobile app and use it indefinitely allows us to focus our resources elsewhere."

Vince Enachescu

Simplex Health offers organizations a comprehensive nutrition and wellness offering, leveraging their team of dietitians, health coaches, care navigators, and other health and wellness professionals to help clients achieve long-term, impactful health results. Healthie serves as the central portal that powers Simplex’s business operations and patient engagement experience.

“Healthie’s team has made it so easy for our company to access aggregate patient data, pulled from our entire team, so we can seamlessly run analytics, track outcomes, and monitor growth.”

Alexandra Jatzke, RD LDN
Director of Training & Development, Simplex Health


Support your patients through Healthie’s HIPAA-compliant software platform.

Arise provides long-term healing solutions from eating disorders. Arise was looking for an EHR and client engagement platform that would facilitate a quick setup process. Healthie’s backend solution enabled Arise to focus resources on product differentiators.

Healthie’s platform was quick to spin up for our needs and allowed us access to have our care team test the system’s usability and breadth of functionality. We’re excited to expand our usage of Healthie for our customized needs using the API.

Joan Zhang
Co-founder & CPO

Matcha Health is a virtual therapy platform that takes personality into consideration when matching patients with specialty therapists. Matcha Health is built around removing barriers to care. Adapting Healthie streamlined user experience and back office, positioning Matcha for substantial growth.

“We chose Healthie because of their API-forward solution, elevated UX experience, and endless customization. What has continued to impress us post-launch is the ongoing engagement with Healthie’s engineers and the direct lines of communication with the team. The ability to directly communicate high-level issues and solve them together is the partnership that we needed to achieve great success."

Alejandro Fernandez

Klinic connects patients with a board-certified and licensed professionals in cutting-edge addiction, mental health, & psychiatry treatment all from the convenience of your phone. By leveraging Healthie’s Scheduling and EHR API, Klinic’s team relaunches and scales their care delivery platform and provides comprehensive, patient-friendly services to drive meaningful healthcare outcomes in behavioral health.

“After evaluating many products and platforms, we decided to use Healthie for their superior provider-centric features, open API, and support team that was impressively responsive and very much hands on.”

Avish Bhama

Moneta Health provides accessible, affordable, and virtual personalized cognitive rehabilitation therapy. Moneta Health leverages the Healthie platform to build out robust backend processes that will scale to support their future growth.

“Working with Healthie has been a great experience for us as an early stage startup. The team has been super responsive and has helped us configure the platform quickly and efficiently to get up and running. Access to the Healthie API for data analytics and integration with other tools is important to our future growth.”

Jennifer Flexman

AnswersNow has set the new standard in autism therapy by providing accessible personalized face-to-face therapy on an engaging digital platform. By leveraging Healthie as their EMR platform and scheduling back-end, AnswersNow has been able to focus their development resources on building out a differentiated member experience.

“The challenges we’ve all faced in the last 18 months have shown us how important delivering virtual care is, particularly to families that need it most. We’re excited to be able to work with Healthie on delivering a customer experience that makes virtual care both meaningful and fun.”

Jeff Beck
CEO & Co-founder


Scale with Healthie’s HIPAA-compliant platform and facilitate a seamless and secure patient experience.

Seven Starling provides in-network digital healthcare for every stage of motherhood. To keep up with their growth Seven Starling needed a HIPAA-compliant platform to facilitate a seamless and secure patient experience. Healthie's all-in-one solution provided reliable scheduling, billing, and care management that supports expansion.

"Our close partnership with the Healthie team has enabled us to quickly respond to our changing needs as a business.”

Sophia Richter
Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer


Healthie’s API-first scheduling automates calendar availability and personalizes appointments to support your team and your patients.

Kaia Health has been recognized as the first musculoskeletal digital therapy to deliver best-in-class cost saving and health outcomes. Kaia launched with Healthie’s branded platform in only two weeks, and subsequently leveraged Healthie’s Robust API. Since, Kaia has seen a major ROI as they continue to eliminate pain points by incorporating more Healthie features into their experience.

“Kaia’s model is centered around medical innovation and meeting people exactly where they are at. We reach into current gaps in the healthcare system to build beautiful healthcare experiences for our customers. Leveraging Healthie, we’ve been able to empower our engineering and product teams to focus on what makes Kaia unique - clinical care and outcomes, while having robust infrastructure for scheduling, emr, and engagement.”

Brittanie Kraft
Director of Operations

Hinge Health provides high-quality digital MSK care. As a leader in personalized care for back and joint pain, Hinge Health needed an API-first scheduling solution to streamline outgrown backend systems. Healthie was able to eliminate manual workflows and integrate existing patient data into a scalable API-first solution.

“The Healthie API provides a very robust and flexible platform to meet our scheduling needs. We have built our roadmap around the various pieces of functionality that Healthie offers. This allows us to flexibly deploy scheduling to our members both in the app and on the web."

Vidhan Agrawal
Senior Product Manager, Hinge Health


Healthie’s scheduling and EHR tools for family practices can help you build long-term relationships with your clients.

Isaac Health is an online memory clinic for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of dementia and other brain health conditions. Isaac transitioned to Healthie for its modern EHR, extensive features, and API capabilities.

“Healthie was the perfect choice for us. It is a purpose-built telehealth solution, with an accelerated onboarding process.”

Julius Bruch

Oscar Health, a large multi-state health insurance company, helps patients coordinate their care. Oscar Health needed an API-first scheduling system designed for care delivery at scale. Since selecting Healthie, Oscar has been able to automate key workflows & provide provider flexibility without any disruption to care.

“Healthie was the leading scheduling system that provided comprehensive functions that met Oscar’s needs for the 100s of providers who would be loaded onto the system.”

Oscar Team Member


Drive long term-engagement in your online community and client programs by offering reliable coaching services.

Override delivers virtual personalized care plans to help patients overcome chronic pain. By leveraging Healthie’s modern, API-first solution, Override launched its initial offering in just 6 weeks and looks forward to high growth.

“We are glad to have partnered with Healthie since we feel it is the best solution for integrated care on the market currently. It allows us to deliver a complex model of interdisciplinary care and build our own tools needed for our specific care model using Healthie’s API.”

Jennie Shulkin
Co-founder & CEO

Empower Sleep matches you with a fellowship-trained and/or board certified sleep medicine doctor who analyzes your sleep data and meets with you virtually to discuss treatment options to maxmize your sleep. Since choosing Healthie, Empower Sleep has seen an immediate return on investment in customer experience, provider workflow, and operational efficiency.

“Since launching with Healthie, we’ve experienced a meaningful improvement in our customer engagement and continuity of care. The improved UX has enabled customers to seamlessly book follow-ups and communicate with providers, significantly strengthening our continuity of care."

Sagar Chopra
Co-founder & COO

Swing Therapeutics is developing digital therapies that help people manage chronic illness. Healthie played an integral part in helping Swing Therapeutics create their virtual clinic. Leveraging the Healthie platform and API, Swing Therapeutics went live in 45 days with a streamlined workflow and established care pathway.

"Working with Healthie has allowed expansion of access to expert fibromyalgia treatment through the Swing Care clinic, helping to better serve patients, integrate with backend systems more quickly, and monitor patient outcomes while keeping their data secure."

Mike Rosenbluth, PhD

Wellinks - a virtual COPD management offering digital pulmonary rehabilitation and personalized coaching services, needed an EMR to support their patients. Healthie's API-first solution now serves as the backbone of Wellink's virtual care platform and has proven to scale with their hyper growth.

“Healthie has been a game-changer for us. Our CPO, Ellen, and her team did the research, and Healthie’s platform was the easiest and fastest to work with, saving us months — if not years — of engineering time. This has enabled us to focus on responding to the needs of our customers and what makes Wellinks unique. Best of all, they’ve been incredible partners to us, a true extension of our team.”

Geoff Matous
President & Chief Commercial Officer
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