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Private Practice & Coaching

Healthie's EHR tools and software for private practices can help you build relationships and client accountability within your business.

Healthie provided Jacqui with the virtual nutritionist platform she needed to build and expand her nutritionist private practice and work with clients in an engaging way. She immediately found the tools she needed to build a successful practice that also automated much of her (previously) manual workflows.

“Healthie checked all of the boxes for me and I am growing with Healthie.”

Jacqui Bryan

Move the Needle was able to streamline their management workflows and increase both their client load and offerings by implementing Healthie’s fitness coaching software. With the right systems in place, they found clients were working with their coach longer, and achieving better results.

"The ROI from Healthie, I couldn’t put a number on it because it is so valuable. Our clients are staying with us longer and, because they are staying on longer they are actually getting the results they want that they couldn’t get before."

Chris Quinby VP, CFO
Founder, Move the Needle

The co-founders of Pacific Nutrition Partners had their business plan in hand, but needed a practical way to manage a multi-provider practice.

"It was when we were writing our business plan that we truly assessed all of our needs: we need to be HIPPA compliant, we need to communicate with our clients, we need scheduling, billing and we need to provide superbills. We needed a service that provided all of this, which is when we realized the value of Healthie."

Esther Schultz MS, RD
Co-Founder, Pacific Nutrition Partners

When Jeanne Petrucci, MS, RDN, developed Living Plate, a multi-dietitian private practice, she knew close contact with clients would be essential. Jeanne relied on the latest technologies for dietitians, but felt scattered until she found Healthie. With Healthie’s business tools and task automation, time can be spent where it matters most: on client care.

"Pre-Healthie, I found myself fussing so much with various platforms, it was like I was juggling all the time. The lack of consolidation was maddening."

Jeanne Petrucci MS, RDN
Founder, Living Plate

Health Clinics & Wellness Programs

Drive long-term engagement in your online community and client programs by offering convenient telehealth and wellness services.

After implementing Healthie to their healthcare clinic, HealthWorks Medical has been able to expand their reach to support a growing number of companies in Kentucky and Tennessee, and hopes to scale nationwide in coming months. Healthie has enabled the HealthWorks team to connect with employees to provide needed support for lasting lifestyle changes that positively impact their health, prevent injury, and improve overall operations.

“As I continue to use Healthie, I always discover something new, and it’s always a good discovery. Healthie can always do more than I previously thought.”

Kevin Winn
Executive Director, HealthWorks Kinesiology

Southern Indiana Surgery has long known that telehealth is the way for them to connect and engage with patients. With a growing practice, and a high demand, SI Surgery knew that they needed a more streamlined way to support their bariatric patients, both before and after surgery. With Healthie, SI Surgery was able to build out online programming to support their surgical, and non-surgical weight loss patients.

"Healthie allowed us to pull patients into our Medically Supervised Weight Loss program via telehealth, thereby making it more accessible to them, and in turn providing them with better education for preparation of surgery."

Kelli Pitman, RN BSN CBN
Bariatric Program Coordinator & Clinical Manager

Moving their diabetes program online, Diabetes Care Partners has been able to expand beyond their local community, and multiplied the success of their in-person programs. Offering group programs, diabetes nutrition education, carb counting programs, cooking demonstrations, diabetes counseling, market tours, and more -- Diabetes Care Partners now offers their full-service diabetes programs completely online through Healthie.

"Healthie's strategic focus and the integration of all the platforms proved it was going in the same direction as our company: there was a real synergy in both the current features and the direction."

Tony Song CEO
Founder, Diabetes Care Partners

With the support of Healthie, Kelly’s Choice has been able to grow their team internally, as well as expand their reach across the nation. Healthie enables organizations to add new providers, with onboarding support, to make team and business growth a seamless experience.

“Healthie enabled us to take our videos, organize them, and create programs to slow-drip this information to increase engagement.”

Kelly Springer MS, RD, CDN
Founder, Kelly's Choice


Support students, employees, and community members with health software that scales across your organization.

The University of Tennessee’s Align Care program was launched to provide public support and assistance to veterinary care. With Healthie implemented into their workflow for the past several years, UTK’s Align Care program has been able to streamline participant onboarding and intake, to determine eligibility for programs. Moreover, the team has been able to collect important research data, leveraging Healthie’s Reporting and Analytics features to run analyses on program efficacy. This has been invaluable as the program has scaled and found success, and has served as a template for modern veterinary care access in other institutions.

“Healthie has been immensely valuable in helping us enroll families into our program. It has created an easy place for clients to access care and conduct case management. Also, the customer support team has been helpful each step of the way.”

Dr. Pamela Linden, PhD
Director of Veterinary Social Work

After finding Healthie, MSU converted the entire football team, hockey team, and men’s basketball team to the platform. Now nearly all of the 25 Spartan Athletic teams use Healthie to manage their teams’ nutrition. Michigan State was able to consolidate the tools they use, and transform the nutritional support provided across their elite Spartan athletes.

“We used lots of different things, none of which satisfied our needs completely…I just got frustrated, started searching, and came across Healthie. Healthie has been an absolute answer to what we needed.”

Rob Masterson RD, CSSD
Director of Performance Nutrition, MSU

In their mission to leverage technology to improve healthcare delivery, Colorado State and the Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center discovered Healthie. Supporting the health system in two ways, through the training of their students, as well as a patient engagement tool with clients, Healthie was uniquely suited to meet their needs.

“With the implementation of technology, we are able to safely manage clients’ information and easily follow up with each individual… We are creating more meaningful and impactful relationships with our clients by running our business much more efficiently with Healthie.”

Shelby Cox MS, RDN, CSOWM
Director of Clinical Services, Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center

Retail & Grocery

Offer value-added services to shoppers with Healthie’s modern shopper-engagement suite.

Healthie enables retail dietitians to streamline program processes, deliver in-store & virtual counseling to shoppers and employees alike, and offer expanded nutrition education programs.

“We are so pleased to share this unique tool with our shoppers to allow them to safely and conveniently connect with a member of the dietitian team to address any number of their needs, from education on a diabetes eating pattern to recipe suggestions with basic pantry staples.”

Beth Stark RDN, LDN
Nutrition & Lifestyle Initiatives Manager, Weis Markets

Non-Profit Organizations

Drive long-term engagement in your community by offering convenient and virtual nutrition education and wellness services

Open Hand Atlanta needed a way to reach community members, to deliver the services and health education they needed. By redesigning their programs to be virtual, Open Hand Atlanta was able to meet the needs of a community.

"Once COVID hit, we went straight to development with our online nutrition programs. What we’ve managed to develop is above and beyond what we’ve imagined we could do."

Laura Samnadda MS, RD, LDN
Director of Nutrition Services, Open Hand Atlanta

Digital Health Startups

Leverage Healthie’s HIPAA and PCI-compliant software platform via our API to build your wellness business smarter. No need to build from scratch.

Med Companion was founded with the mission to help families and caregivers close the gap in communication and understanding that often occurs between providers and family members in healthcare. Founder and CEO Marly Brodsky chose Healthie Day 1 as they sought to launch their startup. She was looking at a variety of vendors that each provided one of the services she needed - a HIPAA-compliant texting platform, a charting system, document storage platforms with limits, and disparate telehealth platforms - she knew that she’d want a system to help her scale.

“Healthie is one platform that has absolutely everything we need, is easy to use and fully customizable. We know that we can scale with no limits, and incredible customer service along the way.”

Marly Brodsky
CEO and Founder of Med Companion

Simplex Health offers organizations a comprehensive nutrition and wellness offering, leveraging their team of dietitians, health coaches, care navigators, and other health and wellness professionals to help clients achieve long-term, impactful health results. Healthie serves as the central portal that powers Simplex’s business operations and patient engagement experience.

“We use Healthie for everything. Healthie has made it so easy to track outcomes, communicate with patients by sharing resources and chatting with them, getting scheduling done, and so much more.”

Alexandra Jatzke, RD LDN
Director of Training & Development, Simplex Health
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