Digital Health Startups

Start with speed, keep the flexibility.

Healthie let’s you start and scale your business with the full flexibility of API-first tools. Helping you prioritize your development resources.

A diverse team of professionals working together at a desk, each focused on their computer screens.

Built for growth

Focus your development resources on what sets you apart.

Don’t waste time building EHR  components. Healthie has all the tools you need for virtual-first care delivery.

Find product market fit quickly
Healthie as you see it is ready to be branded and deployed without a single line of code. Whether you only need to use the patient portal or the provider back office, Healthie is ready on day one.
Stay flexible as you grow
As you and your business grow you can customize any component of Healthie with our comprehensive API + SDKs. If you see it in our UI it can be accessed via API.
Everything you need in one place
Healthie has all the tools that you need to deliver virtual-first, recurring, and collaborative care. Manage your growing provider network and focus on your differentiated care model.

Open & flexible infrastructure, 
ready to scale

All of the Healthie tools you see in our out of the box platform were built using the API you have access to. If you see it, you can build it, too.

Platform stability that healthcare needs.

API calls every month
Average uptime across Healthie
Patient lives impacted


Healthie was originally designed as a platform for private practice providers. Thousands of providers use Healthie as their practice management tool for intake, scheduling, charting and more.


Healthie has a fully integrated patient portal (web and mobile) allowing your patients to schedule, manage bookings, submit documents and review follow up materials from their visits.

Engage with patients via care plans, chats, video calls, and much more.


The backbone of your business - we support billers, scheduling coordinators, front-office stack, back-office staff, clinical operations teams, and more, who enable our organizations to thrive.

Save clicks, have data right in front of you, make the power decisions you need to run efficiently.

Product & Dev Teams

Thousands of developers build upon Healthie’s API each day to extend the capabilities of our platform. Product teams appreciate Healthie’s modularity and flexibility with our API-first approach.

Healthie's platform meets the highest certification standards for data security and privacy, leveraging industry standards to secure data for you and your patients.

App Marketplace
Integrate the tools you already use.

It's easy to integrate Healthie into apps you already use like Google Fit, Apple Health and Fitbit.

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Scale your care delivery with Healthie+.

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