How to Grow Wellness Practice With EHR Software

Learn how to grow a wellness practice and how to use electronic health records to manage client billing and scheduling at Healthie.

Years ago when nutrition providers set out to launch a private practice there was really only one method to keep track of their business and practice: pen and paper! Currently, practitioners have easier options at their fingertips. Electronic health records (EHR) and online management systems, like Healthie, make practice management for nutritional care easier than ever.

Hospitals have used EHRs for years to help streamline and improve medical care and manage their patient load efficiently and effectively. Recently, some of these systems that were designed for physicians, have become mainstream for nutrition-focused private practices.

Nutrition practitioners in private practice now have many options available to them when deciding how to manage their client charting, billing, and scheduling, but none of these methods are specifically geared towards nutrition professionals… until now.

Electronic Health Records help nutrition practitioners keep track of…

  • Patient’s contact details
  • Intake forms and complete health history
  • Physician referrals
  • Charting notes during visits
  • Patient’s goals created during each counseling session
  • Meal plans, handouts and documents
  • Insurance and billing information
  • And more!

There are very few all-in-one solutions that let nutritionists save time by efficiently managing their practice in one place, which is why we created Healthie.

Practice Management For Nutritional Care

Healthie’s co-founders wanted to improve access to quality nutrition care and make it easier for nutrition professionals to provide superior care by saving time managing the back-end of their practices. Healthie is the only solution you need to securely and safely protect your patient’s information and automate many back-end office tasks.

Instead of using practice management tool made for the general health system (ie: focused on what physicians need), choose an EHR that was made for you — a nutrition professional! While developing Healthie, our team spoke to hundreds of dietitians, nutritionists, health coaches, functional medicine students, and other specialties related to nutrition to make sure our system will efficiently work for you.

Track Metrics That Matter To You

With every client’s journey being unique, and their goals individual, it can be a challenge to establish nutrition metrics to evaluate success and results over time. Quite typically, we refer to weight as a sole indicator of progress. However, nutrition professionals know that weight alone does not always equal progress, and is not appropriate for every client to track. Weights can fluctuate, be misleading, and derail a client’s focus.

Shifting towards tracking several different metrics, tailored to the individual, offers a better way to measure overall progress in time and can drive client results. With Healthie’s Metric feature, providers can monitor and graph metrics like weight, height, BMI, or body fat percentages as well as create custom metrics to track for each client. Also, Healthie Metrics can be viewed and tracked from both desktop and mobile devices, for convenient logging.

Send Educational Documents Online

We designed Healthie’s Documents platform to be a HIPAA-compliant way to easily store, share, and receive documents of all kinds. Because Healthie inherently facilitates client engagement and relationships, it’s easy to  organize and share nutritioin resources with clients, manage uploads of sensitive information by connecting private documents to charting records, and automate core workflow needs as client loads scale. And of course, view and share documents on the go from the mobile apps.

Educational materials can even be added into an program within Healthie, that will automatically distribute content to clients over time.

Healthie’s Programs feature enables providers to create courses online, automate distribution, seamlessly enroll and track client activity, and connect to packages to charge for courses. Clients can complete enrolled programs through their Healthie Client Portal, on their computer or mobile device when logged into the Healthie app.

Scheduling and Calendar Features You Need

Unless your wellness practice uses an office assistant specifically to manage a schedule, you’re likely maintaining your own calendar. Sorting through your availability, appointment requests, client rescheduling, and cancellation requests take up a significant amount of time in administrative work. As you toggle between a work schedule, and personal schedule(s), clients get lost in the shuffle and scheduling errors occur. Even more, as an entrepreneur, it can be hard to set aside the time each day/week you need to spend to see clients and maintain your business.

Save time scheduling and confirming appointments with Healthie’s automations. Clients can even book appointments themselves directly from your website by embedding your calendar. Online appointment booking allows clients the convenience and flexibility of scheduling an appointment, and saves your office time managing appointment requests.

For multi-provider practices, each provider in your organization can maintain their own calendar and availability, across multiple locations. With a range of customizations, a truly branded experience can be created for clients that book online with your organization.

Charting In One Place

Healthie’s EHR platform is comprehensive and enables providers keep charting notes in accordance with healthcare recommendations (many providers are required to keep chart notes for 6 years – having this in paper files can quickly become overwhelming!), while avoiding the clunky feel of traditional EHR charting systems in hospitals (because no one wants to spend their hours with unneeded clicks and drop downs). Healthie’s HIPAA-compliant charting system is a sophisticated online system that keeps your clients’ information secure, organized and easily accessible. Each client has an online profile that includes a secure archive of previous chart notes on sessions, intake forms, and private documents, that can even be e-faxed directly within the system for coordination across providers.

Healthie’s charting system for nutritionists can include the following elements:

  • Intake paperwork
  • Signed policy forms
  • Chart notes organized and automatically archived from every session
  • Lab reports or other digital documents
  • E-Faxing capabilities to share client information with other healthcare providers
  • Shared access for members of an organization, with admin controlled permissions on who can access client information

Create a Superbill or CMS 1500 Form In Seconds

In healthcare, Superbills are a standardized receipt that Registered Dietitians give clients, that details out services rendered in a session. Clients can then submit this receipt directly to their insurance provider, for possible full or partial reimbursement for MNT (Medical Nutrition Therapy) services.

Even if you aren’t credentialed by insurance, or if you’re considered out-of-network by some carriers, you can still provide a Superbill to your clients for a chance their services will be covered. And your clients will still pay for your services as usual, so you get paid — but it’s a great way to potentially reduce the cost of care for your clients.

We provide you with the billing infrastructure you need. Included in the Healthie platform, you can accept credit card payments, securely store clients’ credit cards on file, and effortlessly provide Superbills or CMS 1500 forms if you accept insurance.

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Use a platform that automates the administrative, so you can focus on growth and care.

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Make more time to grow your business

Use a platform that automates the administrative, so you can focus on growth and care.

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