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Healthie's EHR telehealth platform provides robust support for behavioral health professionals, ensuring effective and confidential virtual therapy sessions. Tailored practice management tools cater specifically to the needs of behavioral health, offering comprehensive scheduling capabilities that can be seamlessly utilized across clinicians in various states, specialties, and insurances. The platform's commitment to privacy begins with customized intake and e-signature forms, including a pre-loaded library of common mental health assessments like PHQ-9 and GAD 7, or the flexibility to create personalized forms, ensuring a thorough understanding of patients' mental health.

Healthie's EHR facilitates seamless charting for mental health clinicians with customizable templates, allowing professionals to tailor their documentation to meet the unique requirements of behavioral health. The platform further streamlines financial processes with credit card processing and electronic invoices for client packages. Automatic generation of CMS-1500s and Superbills, coupled with a built-in database of ICD-10 and CPT codes, simplifies billing and reimbursement procedures.

Moreover, the secure Patient Portal empowers patients to book appointments, launch virtual calls, log mood and notes, and connect with their clinicians, fostering engagement and facilitating confidential communication. Healthie's comprehensive suite of features thus ensures that behavioral health professionals can deliver effective virtual therapy sessions with confidence, knowing that their EHR platform is designed to meet the specific needs of their practice.

Healthie's platform is exceptionally equipped to assist behavioral health professionals in managing diverse treatment plans for mental health conditions. The platform offers specialized forms tailored specifically for Behavioral and Mental Health Professionals, providing a comprehensive toolkit to address the complexities of mental health treatment. The range of forms includes Progress Note Behavioral Health, Behavioral Health Treatment Plan, SOAP Behavioral Health, Simple Progress Note for Behavioral Health, Mental Status Evaluation Form, Charting Template Behavioral Health, Patient Health Questionnaire 9 (PHQ-9), and General Anxiety Disorder 7 (GAD-7).

These purpose-built forms serve as valuable resources for behavioral health professionals, enabling them to document and manage diverse treatment plans effectively. Whether it's tracking progress, conducting mental status evaluations, or utilizing standardized assessment tools like PHQ-9 and GAD-7, Healthie's platform ensures that behavioral health practitioners have the necessary tools to tailor treatment plans to the unique needs of their clients. By streamlining documentation and offering specialized forms, Healthie empowers behavioral health professionals to deliver personalized and effective care for individuals with mental health conditions.

Healthie is committed to supporting behavioral health practitioners in maintaining compliance with industry regulations and privacy standards through a range of robust features and safeguards. As a HIPAA-compliant platform, Healthie ensures that all electronic health information is securely managed, transmitted, and stored in accordance with industry standards. The platform's adherence to HIPAA regulations is reflected in its secure communication channels, encrypted data storage, and comprehensive access controls, providing behavioral health practitioners with the confidence that sensitive patient information is handled with the utmost care.

Moreover, Healthie assists practitioners in maintaining compliance by offering customizable forms and templates specifically designed for behavioral health. These forms, such as Progress Note Behavioral Health and SOAP Behavioral Health, are structured to meet the documentation needs of mental health professionals while aligning with industry standards. The platform also facilitates secure communication between practitioners and clients through its Patient Portal, ensuring that confidential information is exchanged in a protected environment. By incorporating these features, Healthie not only streamlines the administrative aspects of compliance but also empowers behavioral health practitioners to focus on delivering high-quality care while meeting the stringent privacy standards governing the industry.

Healthie helpis behavioral health professionals engage and support their clients between therapy sessions through a suite of innovative features. The platform's Engagement & Mobile App is designed to empower both practitioners and clients by facilitating continuous connection and support. Healthie integrates seamlessly with Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit, enabling the tracking of activity and metrics, while fostering a holistic understanding of clients' well-being.

One standout feature is the patient journaling functionality, allowing clients to log their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. This includes the ability to share or log pictures with accompanying comments, fostering a deeper level of communication. Healthie promotes real-time feedback and care by enabling both clients and providers to share comments on journal entries. The platform also includes a comprehensive goals platform for habit creation and formation, complete with customizable notifications and reminders, empowering clients to work towards their mental health and wellness objectives. The secure messaging feature further enhances client-provider communication between sessions, creating a secure and confidential channel for ongoing support. In essence, Healthie serves as a dynamic tool for behavioral health professionals to maintain engagement and offer consistent support to their clients, contributing to the overall success of the therapeutic journey.

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