How to Onboard New Clients to Healthie

Learn how to onboard a new client using the Healthie Client Portal. Learn how to go through the new client onboarding process at Healthie.

Providing an exceptional client experience is fundamental for the success of your business and for your clients. Your client’s experience begins from the very first touch-point, and very likely from their first call. As you onboard your new (or potential) client, Healthie allows you to create a tailored and professional client onboarding experience that naturally flows into your subsequent sessions.

Building in resources and discussions with clients about Healthie during this onboarding experience allows Healthie providers to:

  • Explain to clients how you’ll use Healthie when working together
  • The benefits they clients can expect to receive by using this technology
  • The best ways for clients to reach their Healthie provider
  • Any limitations (or boundaries) clients should expect, and respect

When to introduce Healthie to your clients

When clients work with you via Healthie, they are being added to the Healthie platform (and linked to your account) in two ways:

  1. You manually add the client to your account using their name and email address, while you’re speaking with them or during your session
  2. Clients are creating an account when they sign up for a package, program or initial appointment

Through either signup channel, once you add a client’s email to the platform, they will automatically receive an email from Healthie, prompting them to accept the invitation and set-up their account. Their email will be their login/user name and they can access their account by downloading the Healthie app or by signing into from a web browser.

Find an overview of what happens when you invite a client to Healthie here.

Learn the fundamentals of Healthie.

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Onboard new clients with Healthie

In this initial onboarding experience, it’s a great opportunity to explain to them what Healthie is, and how you’ll use it while working together.

There are several ways you can go about introducing Healthie to your clients:

  1. Customize your welcome email
  2. Add a handout or video to your new client paperwork
  3. Verbally talk your clients through the onboarding experience during your first call or session together

Customize your welcome email

Through your Healthie provider account, a welcome email will be sent out to your new clients when they join. This welcome email template (along with any other email) can be edited and tailored for your clients. Learn how to edit your email to clients here.

Example welcome email:

Hi < Client Name >

“Thank you for your interest in working together! I’m looking forward to helping you in your wellness journey.

While working together, we will be using Healthie, an easy-to-use web and mobile platform that allows you to connect with me and track your care while we work together. All of your information is secure and private.

Here are some of the features we can share with Healthie

  • Easily fill out and sign all of your new client paperwork electronically
  • Message me through the Chat feature with questions or for support (Note: please expect a response within 24 hours during weekdays)
  • Schedule and launch video chat sessions
  • Upload and share documents, like lab reports and other materials
  • Log pictures of your meal and receive ongoing feedback to help guide you towards your nutrition goals
  • We can set goals and monitor them to help you stay on track

You’ll automatically receive an email with a link to login to your Healthie profile. You can sign in to your client portal through your web browser or by downloading the convenient Healthie app (iPhone or Android)

If you have any questions, message me through Healthie chat!”

-Your Provider

Adding an introductory handout or video

In the instances where clients are automatically signed up after purchasing a package or program, you may not have an opportunity to introduce them to Healthie. In this case, you can create either a document or video to include in your intake paperwork.

How to add a welcome video:

Add a welcome video to share with clients to introduce them to your practice, and to the Healthie platform. Upload your video to Youtube or Vimeo, and include the link within your welcome email and/or your new client form. For detailed guidance on adding videos to forms, view this help article.

Review the onboarding process in-session

During your initial session with your client is a great opportunity to introduce Healthie to your client and help them get setup with their account. If you haven’t already added them to the Healthie platform, you can do so during your session. Collect their name and email address > they will receive an email inviting them to join Healthie. It will only take a few minutes for your client to accept the invitation and create a password. They can also download the app while you’re together — opening the app and walking them through the features will allow you to demonstrate how you’ll use the app together. Answer your client’s questions in real-time, and help them feel confident in how to navigate Healthie.

Pro Tip: Many Healthie providers use a second email to create a client account for themselves (a test client account). By doing so, you’ll be able to navigate the client-experience and use it to demonstrate to clients what their portal will look like.

Example in-person conversation:

Provider: “Healthie is a secure and safe online portal that we will use to support our work together. You’ll be able to complete forms, message me, schedule sessions and make payments all through your Healthie client portal. We can also use Healthie to meet virtually and set goals. You’ll have your own login. I’ve just added you to the platform, so you’ll receive an email prompting you to setup your account and create a password. Let’s walk through setting up your account, and the different features that we’ll be using together.”

How you can engage with clients through Healthie

Your first session with a client is an ideal opportunity to walking clients through the Healthie platform and explain why the features you use together will benefit them. This will showcase not only how helpful the technology is, but how valuable your care is.

When client’s login to their Client Portal, they’ll be able to see their client dashboard to access important information such as upcoming appointments and payment history. They will also be able to navigate through the features available to them while working together.

Here are some of Healthie’s core features that you can utilize to communicate, support, and engage with your clients:

  • Appointments: enable online appointment booking for clients, and even embed your schedule into your website for direct booking.
  • Telehealth Sessions: launch individua or group video calls, offer virtual support group and webinars.
  • Electronic paperwork: if your client has not completed their paperwork yet, you can show them where to navigate to their forms, and have them complete them electronically during your session. Clients will be able to e-sign their forms as well.
  • Food journal: an important client engagement tool that you’ll likely be using with your clients is Healthie’s photo-based food journal. As a provider, you have the ability to adjust the default settings for your client’s food journal, or individually turn on/off features for each client. Walk your client through how to upload a photo, any other settings that you’ve activated (ie pre or post-meal hunger cues, meal reflections, etc).
  • Metrics: review any metrics that you’d like your client to track such as weight, body fat, and other custom metrics that you may have created for your client population (ie. blood sugar levels, cholesterol, blood pressure, bowel movements, etc). If there are metrics that you would rather a client not see or be able to log, you can hide them by navigating to your client’s chart > Actions > Settings.
  • Goals: goal setting is an important feature in maintaining client motivation and tracking progress. In each session, you can work with your client to create new goals. From their client portal, they will be able to check-off completed goals, see their goal completion for the day, and be motivated to achieve goal streaks.
  • Chat: with Healthie, clients can securely message you through Healthie Chat. Create an individual chat, or group chat, and walk clients through how they can quickly send you a message with this feature.
  • Documents: any documents that you share or upload to a client’s chart (in ‘documents viewable by client” they will be able to access at any time from their client portal. Discuss which types of resources you may share with them, and how they can see them by logging into their account.
  • Programs: if your client is enrolled in a program, they will be able to complete their program from their client portal on their desktop or through the Healthie app. Walk your client through the overview of their program, and talk them through your expectations for completing modules.
  • Client Packages: on the left-hand side of their client dashboard menu, clients will be able to see any packages or programs that have been made visible. From here they can select and pay for the services that they would like. You’ll receive an email notification when they’ve made a purchase, as well as a notification within Healthie.
  • Billing: also on their client dashboard, clients will be able to navigate to the Billing tab. Integrated with Healthie’s EHR, you can create superbills or CMS 1500 claims for easy insurance billing.

Important expectations to set upfront with clients

With any technology, it’s important to set clear expectations and boundaries upfront with your clients. This will minimize any misunderstandings or any intrusions on your time/privacy as a provider. Many providers also create different tiers of service, with some client packages consisting of more concierge services (ie. daily food journal review, daily messenger support). Talking your clients through what to expect from the service or package that they’ve purchased will allow them to respect your time.  

Some topics and boundaries you may want to consider discussing:

  • How clients can best reach you (ie via Healthie Chat)
  • What type of information is best for communicating between sessions (ie. billing questions should be directed to the main office)
  • When to expect a response from you through messenger or email (ie. within 24 hours during weekdays)
  • How often you’ll review food logs, and if you’ll provide feedback on each post
  • How you want clients to book sessions (or if you’ll maintain booking control) and ways you’ll meet: in-person, via phone and/or via telehealth (video chat)
  • Best ways to cancel or reschedule an appointment, and the cancellation policy established for your practice

In private practice, creating a consistent and high-quality client experience will help build their trust in your care as their new healthcare provider. By understanding how your clients will navigate Healthie, and customizing their introductory experience, you’ll ensure that they will understand how you’ll be working together. This confidence will allow them to fully take advantage of the resources and client engagement tools that are available to them through Healthie and elevate their client experience.

Resources for your Healthie clients

For Healthie members, you are welcome to download the following handouts. If you are looking for specific resources for your clients, please email us at

Introduce Healthie to Your Clients (PDF)

Introduce Healthie to Your Clients (Word Doc)

Client Resources (PDF) – Download our client-friendly handouts sharing tips and best practices for each of Healthie’s core features such as video chat, food logging, metrics logging, and more.

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