Best Medical Billing Software For Small Practices

Searching for the top medical billing software? Follow Healthie’s guide to find the best medical billing services for small practices.

Medical billing software helps a practice manage its business operations. The best medical billing software will optimize revenue, improve reimbursement rates, and help scale a practice. When choosing medical billing services for small practices,  there are a few factors to consider including scheduling, reporting, and analytics. Review our list of the best software for medical billing to find the top medical billing software that fits your needs. 

What is Medical Billing Software? 

Medical billing software is an application designed to automate healthcare billing. Computer applications improve clinical workflows, reduce manual errors, and ensure providers get paid on time. Medical billing software is trusted by providers because it has proven to enhance the patient/provider experience.

How Do I Choose the Right Medical Billing Solution for My Practice?

An organization should select medical billing software based on its current needs, size, and plans for future growth. The best medical billing services for small practices often differ from that of a larger organization. However, there are standard features included with any medical billing software designed to increase office efficiency. 

Key features to look for when choosing medical billing software include: 

Appointment scheduling: Manage patient appointments and billing updates at the same time. With appointment scheduling features your office staff can reschedule a missed appointment and update billing information for no-show appointments.

Medical Coding: Eliminate human error that comes with manual entry. Medical billing programs scan coding for errors ensuring mistakes are caught before submitted to claims. 

Patient Automation: Patients receive notification of upcoming appointments. Following appointments patients can receive automatic payment reminders.

Electronic Medical Claim Management: Track the status of all claims submitted through electronic claims processing. By reviewing the status and history of claims you can verify your business is running efficiently.

Support: Before selecting your medical billing software review the company’s support policy. When implementing a new system it is likely your office staff will have questions, make sure they will have the support they need.

What Is the Most Popular Medical Billing Software for Small Practices?

  1. Healthie is your all-in-one HIPAA-compliant platform for insurance payments, HSA/FSA, and superbills. Manage your billing needs through our full-stack coordinated medical billing software. Healthie is fully scalable and is built to support practices through all stages of growth, making it one of the best software for medical billing.

Healthie’s billing software allows you to:

  • Keep track of all payments received, payments failed, bank transfers, and invoices issued in one convenient place.
  • Electronically collect billing and insurance details from clients during onboarding.
  • Receive automatic notifications when the client's credit card on file is expiring or a payment has failed.
  • Create and manage CMS-1500 claims and Superbills, with the ability to charge or invoice clients for client-owned responsibilities such as copays or denied claims.
  • Add a support account for an office administrator or biller, and customize their account permissions/access.
  • Create recurring subscription services that auto-charge clients at a time interval you've set.
  • And much more! 

To review the billing features that make Healthie the best medical billing software click here

  1. ModMed is an integrated telehealth platform offering audio and video telemedicine capabilities. ModMed uses pocket patient as the patient-facing mobile app. 
  2. DocVilla is a software offering integrated EHR. DocVilla’s suite of features includes telemedicine, electronic billing, analytics, and reports, insurance eligibility, electronic fax, and white label patient portal. 
  3. Net Health is a cloud-based therapy management system designed for the hospital outpatient environment. Net Health can integrate with most systems. 
  4. Benchmark PM is designed for specialty practices. The platform streamlines workflows, helping your office staff minimize errors and increase productivity.
  5. CareCloud is an EHR solution that offers practice management and medical billing services. The reporting integration tracks patient progress and offers templates for prescription, reporting, and billing. 

At Healthie we want to support you with the educational tools and community that will help ensure business growth, in addition to the tools your business needs to stay organized. That’s why we offer regular webinars and free ebooks on launching and growing your business, marketing, and more.

We want to make sure you have all the tools you need to grow your business and feel empowered along the way. Click here to sign up for a free Starter Account and get started with Healthie’s medical billing software for small practices today!

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