Insurance Billing & Superbills

Automate the Insurance Claims Submission Process

Create and submit insurance claims, track statuses in real-time, and integrate client insurance authorization.

Insurance Billing

Collect New Client Paperwork and Insurance Details Electronically

Create flows of electronic paperwork that can be triggered to send to clients, for electronic completion and submission.
View form completion status with real-time tracking of which forms clients have completed, and receive notifications when forms are completed.
Securely request credit card information and set cancellation policies, and collect insurance information to streamline client onboarding.
Insurance Billing

A Comprehensive & Integrated Billing Platform that Manages Your Finances

Benefit from built-in safeguards designed to minimize errors in claims submission.
Up-to-date directory of ICD-10 and CPT codes for over 25 specialties within health and wellness.
Track insurance authorization and eligibility with Healthie for each client.
Insurance Billing

Reduce Time Spent on Administrative Tasks with Built-in Automations

Clients can upload insurance information during onboarding, visible to their healthcare provider.
Direct integration with Office Ally allows you to conveniently send/receive claims and receive claim status updates within Healthie.
Eliminate redundant data entry as insurance fields pre-fill from previous claims and stored client profile information.
Insurance Billing

Easily Collect Client Owed Responsibilities for Wellness Services

Charge or invoice clients for client-owed responsibilities such as copays or denied claims.
Create client packages containing appointments, programs, and services for self-pay services that clients can purchase directly.
One centralized billing tab within your account to oversee all payments, insurance claims, invoices, and bank transfers.
Insurance Billing

Tailor Your Payments Workflows Across Your Organization

Add a support account for an office administrator or biller, and customize their account permissions/access.
Each wellness provider can have their own NPI, or you can set one across the organization.
Have one centralized place to store location information, referring providers, and needed information to make billing submission a breeze.
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Healthie's EHR Features

Healthie is HIPAA, PIPEDA, and GDPR Compliant. Confidently let your clients know their information is safe and secure.

Build brand consistency and professionalism by incorporating your logo and company colors within Healthie’s portal.

Generate activity, engagement, and outcome reports and download client and business information for insights at your fingertips.

Cloud-based portal that updates in real-time, for 24/7, on the go access to important information.

Transitioning from another platform? Heathie imports your information as part of onboarding.


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"It was when we were writing our business plan that we truly assessed all of our needs: we need to be HIPPA compliant, we need to communicate with our clients, we need scheduling, billing and we need to provide superbills. We needed a service that provided all of this, which is when we realized the value of Healthie."

Esther Schultz MS, RD
Co-Founder, Pacific Nutrition Partners

"As far as the financial piece goes, I adore Healthie’s superbill template...having that be able to just be generated for my patients that need it is so incredibly helpful. It makes it really easy for me as their provider."

Cory Ruth MS, RD
Founder, The Women's Dietitian

"I joined Healthie and everything became easier. Healthie saves me time by having everything integrated into one portal."

Lorraine Kearney BASc, CDN
CEO, New York City Nutrition
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