Matcha Health taps Healthie to build unique member experience

Matcha Health needed a modern, API-first EMR that would flex with their evolving platform. Drawn to Healthie by its dynamic API and elevated UX experience, Matcha Health switched to Healthie and re-launched in just 3 weeks.

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Launching Our Product With The Healthie EHR Was Seamless

Matcha Health continues to work closely with Healthie engineers to launch a social platform

Matcha Health anticipated hiring an engineer to facilitate the migration to a new EHR platform to avoid disruption in service. However with Healthie’s open API and hands-on engineering team, Matcha Health was able to launch in 3 weeks without hiring additional resources. Moreover, since launching with Healthie, the funnel of work on the backend has been significantly reduced. This reduction in manual administrative activities has instead allowed Matcha Health to focus attention and resources on creating their social platform. 

Having already seen a huge ROI with Healthie, Matcha Health is currently working with Healthie to optimize their claims management system and further trim back office expenses. Matcha Health looks forward to continually increasing their ROI with Healthie as they expect rapid growth in 2023 and beyond.


Matcha Health Needed an API-first EMR platform

Previous EMR, Simple Practice, was not scalable for their evolving needs

Matcha Health was limited in customizability using a traditional practice management tool. In evaluating EHR platforms, they quickly realized that only a handful had open APIs. Matcha Health also considered Elation and Canvas, where they noticed that there would be limited customizations available, and philosophically knew that the traditional physician-centered patient portals would not suit their modern, collaborative approach to behavioral healthcare. 

“We envisioned growing with therapists, doctors, psychiatrists, nutritionists, and beyond. We wanted to invest in a fully customizable solution that would evolve with us, rather than having to be replaced in 5 years.”

Moreover, Matcha Health secret sauce is built around removing barriers to care, one of which is a lengthy customer onboarding journey. “We want to make quality care accessible. This means matching the right provider with the right person as quickly as possible.”


Matcha Health Streamlines User Experience and Back Office with Healthie

Adapting Healthie positions Matcha Health for substantial growth

Matcha Health chose the Healthie API and platform not only for its existing feature set, but commitment to continuous growth and innovation. Matcha Health recognized that as a young company, Healthie was not bound to dated processes, and would focus on innovation and sustainability for their customers. Utilizing the Healthie calendar, video chat, claims management, notes, and charting, Matcha Health was able to shave 4 steps from their customer journey. Not only did this immediately enhance their customer experience, but eliminated manual work on the backend.

As Matcha Health looks forward to the launch of their social platform in 2023, they are able to directly communicate with Healthie to overcome any hurdles they face by collaborating on innovative solutions.

"We chose Healthie because of their API-forward solution, elevated UX experience, and endless customization. What has continued to impress us post-launch is the ongoing engagement with Healthie’s engineers and the direct lines of communication with the team. The ability to directly communicate high-level issues and solve them together is the partnership that we needed to achieve great success."
Alejandro Fernandez
A beautiful sunset over a calm ocean with vibrant orange and pink hues reflecting on the water.

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