Temper Relaunches With Healthie As Their CRM Solution

Temper needed a CRM solution that would provide direct linkage for all client communication and content. Without linkage between their existing platforms, the coaching team was hindered by manually migrating documentation. After trying several CRM platforms, Temper discovered the Healthie EHR and API. Unlike traditional EHRs, Healthie’s modern solution could serve as a CRM, streamlining Temper’s workflow and allowing them to scale efficiently.

90 Days
Time to Go Live
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Los Angeles, CA
Time to Go Live
90 Days
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Metabolic Dysfunction, Weight Management

Temper Needed A Virtual-First Platform To Deliver Coaching

Temper needed a single solution to replace their fragmented CRM

As Temper grew, they were wasting valuable time on manual activities. Having piecemealed together a CRM solution, Temper’s coaching team was often migrating information from one platform to another. Temper needed a purpose-built CRM that provided direct linkage between SMS communication, scheduling, and their unique content offering. In addition, the Temper team needed a white label mobile app that could be quickly launched without much additional work on the backend or frontend. 

After looking at various methods of measuring customer relationships and communication, including Twilio Flex and Superphone, Temper’s Head of Coaching suggested Healthie. Having used the Healthie Platform and API at a previous employer, Head Coach Amanda was confident that Healthie could meet Temper’s needs.


Temper Sees Productivity Increase With Streamlined Communication

Adapting Healthie increases coach and client satisfaction

Temper’s top priority was reaching clients in a reliable, convenient way. With Healthie, Temper moved quickly. By deploying an app and using video conferencing, Temper’s coaching team could reach more clients, quickly increasing productivity.

The Healthie platform drastically improved the workflow for the Temper coaching team. The scheduling system and in-app messaging streamlined both sync and async communication. In addition, the Temper team was able to build out a curriculum for their clients supported by a library of easy-to-access content.

Vince Enachescu


"We selected Healthie not just for the platform, but also for the white label mobile app. With extensive experience in building apps from the ground up, we know how much development time goes into a customer-ready product. Being able to brand the Healthie mobile app and use it indefinitely allows us to focus our resources elsewhere."

Key Results

Temper Sees Immediate ROI With Healthie

Temper focuses on their differentiated product offering, with Healthie serving as the backend solution

The immediate ROI with Healthie has been the resources saved from hiring an additional engineer. “Building the back-end would have required our engineers to learn elements that are not their speciality. Creating our own scheduling system would have slowed our engineering team down in order to build something that does not differentiate us from the competition.” Temper were instead able to focus on their user interface, unique offering and creating a seamless workflow for coaches.

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