Summer Health launches with Healthie API for physician and patient experience

Summer Health offers asynchronous pediatric care with a team of board-certified pediatricians and family medical doctors. They needed a platform that would couple patient-facing features with a top-tier clinician experience, and a customizable, API-first solution to share data across the EMR and their proprietary system. With Healthie, Summer Health has streamlined the async communication experience and accelerated the launch of additional features including E-Rx and E-Labs.

Development Costs Saved
30 Days
Time to Go Live
Company Profile
Summer Health
Time to Go Live
30 Days
Capital Raised
$7.5 million
Patient Population Served
Primary Care, Pediatrics

Summer Health clinicians were piecing together multiple platforms

Traditional EMR platforms were not a fit for Summer Health

Summer Health quickly realized that traditional EMRs like Athena Health were built for a different model of care, and didn’t have the features needed for their long-term success. Moreover, they needed an API-first solution that would push & pull data through their care platform.  They needed an all-in-one platform that they could grow with, including future plans for interoperability. Summer Health looked into Athena Health, Canvas Medical, Elation, and building-in-house but found that these solutions were neither as customizable nor as mobile-friendly as Healthie. “Healthie had exactly what we needed, without any extras, for the right price for our company stage.” 


Summer Health relaunches with Healthie in just 30 days, and with additional features

Healthie provided API-first EMR that would accelerate time to go live, connect with their proprietary patient experience and support future growth

By adapting Healthie, Summer Health was able to quickly build and launch a new clinician platform that was customized to its business model, which relies upon time-sensitive, asynchronous communication. “In essence, Healthie has allowed us to build a bridge to Frontline - whenever a patient comes to us, we can quickly see how they have previously engaged with Summer - are they new or is this a follow up, what previous questions have they had, etc. Oftentimes, different providers are working with a particular patient, so this context is very important.” Healthie directly links returning patients’ information, allows for in-session charting, and uploads conversation transcripts (including pictures) to ensure detailed patient records. “This makes documentation very easy, which is classically a huge pain point for providers; with our current process, by the time they are done working with a patient, they are done with their notes, and a full transcript of the conversation (and any pictures) are already in the patient file.  “Our previous system did not have a direct data linkage, which meant that clinicians were having to search for a patient and re-enter data. Now, clinicians can move seamlessly from one patient to the next.” 

 By not having to build out an EMR platform, Summer Health could instead prioritize development resources towards what would make Summer Health unique – a customized experience for parents. After seeing how quickly new features could be built with Healthie, Summer Health accelerated their plans to build out their E-Lab and E-Rx capabilities much faster than initially expected, which increased the value of their offering. 

Using Healthie’s EHR & API as the foundation, Summer Health’s engineering team has been able to create an “amazing clinician pathway.” The team has leveraged Healthie’s API to extract data into their own data warehouses for analyses, including pulling visit notes and tracking prescription history. They are able to run clinical informatics and BI from the data in Healthie, and appreciate the simplicity of pulling data. “There’s no limit on what we’ll be able to do!” 

The team’s favorite Healthie features include the asynchronous communication (Chat) platform, Healthie’s Lab & E-Rx capabilities, and scheduling. In the future, they’ll leverage Healthie capabilities to continue improving the patient experience and clinician workflows, including in-app group chat for internal communication. 

Ellen DaSilva

Founder & CEO

“We love Healthie here at Summer Health! It’s an amazing platform that has allowed our team to focus on our clinical care and outcomes and accelerate our engineering roadmap.”

Key Results

The ROI of Healthie is multiplying quickly as Summer Health quickly scales

High provider satisfaction and a streamlined workflow allow SummerHealth to scale efficiently

Summer Health has already benefited from the saved costs of developers, an accelerated public product launch, and the benefits of having a more robust product than they had originally planned for. 

“The time our team has saved on documentation has been huge, and provider satisfaction has multiplied tremendously since we switched to Healthie. Additionally, our Quality of Care has improved, as clinicians can quickly see prior patient history, and there is less room for human error because there is less manual input made on patient information. In Healthie, everything is just seamless!”

The team expects that the ROI of Healthie will have a multiplier effect as they scale, particularly as they think about the acceleration of building out a clinical team, and expanding their offering to leverage Healthie’s insurance capabilities and telehealth platform.

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