Starting a Nutrition Private Practice

Learn why now is the best time to be starting a nutrition private practice. Learn how the future of telehealth can impact your business.

If you’re a nutrition and wellness professional, it’s likely that at some point, private practice crossed your mind. If private practice is your dream career path, there are too many reasons not to hold back.

Private practice may seem daunting, but there’s nothing to fear. It’s a chance to be your own boss, own your business, and launch the career you want with the exact clientele you want to work with.

Why You Should Be Starting A Nutrition Private Practice Now

As of July 7th, 2016, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) proposed, among many new programs, one specific initiative to prevent diabetes. With the rapid increase in the number of Americans affected by diabetes each year, the CMS is looking to combat this statistic with (lucky for us) “coaching, lifestyle intervention, and moderate physical activity, all with the goal of preventing the onset of diabetes in individuals who are prediabetic” (Dickson). The program could roll out nationally as early as 2018 and has already been piloted in 8 states since 2013. The CMS’s study found that participants who attended at least 4 coaching sessions reduced their body weight by 4%. It’s estimated to save Medicare $2,650 per participant.

With that said, more and more insurance companies are being swayed by CMS’s new initiative to provide coverage for nutritional coaching and are expanding coverage. This movement will only encourage more and more individuals across the country to start seeking out nutrition professionals to get the help they need.

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The Future of Telehealth in Private Practice

If this isn’t enough to sway you, nutrition tech is better than ever. Nowadays, you can open up a private practice from your living room with the rapid developments in telehealth. Telehealth means no office space required, less cancellations, and clients from across the country.

For those new to telehealth, telehealth encompasses any digital communication between a patient and practitioner, and most commonly (and particularly for nutrition practitioners) it means providing client care virtually and remotely, as opposed to face-to-face, in person.

Telehealth is convenient for clients and you! You can meet at any time and you might even be more flexible when you have the chance. It’s cost effective because you don’t need to have office space to practice. Telehealth platforms (like Healthie!) have even provided fully HIPAA-compliant venues for practice.

With technology, it’s easier to communicate. Your client can talk to you between formal sessions. It will allow you to build a closer and long-lasting relationship.

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While some nutrition practitioners are happy to start a completely digital practice, it’s not always for everyone. A number of private practice nutrition and wellness professionals have turned to using a combination of both telehealth and in-person practice to get the best of both worlds.

Not only is it the best time to start your own private practice, here at Healthie, we’re happy to walk you through it step-by-step. Schedule a demo to see what Healthie has to offer, or click below to start your 14 day FREE trial.

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