How to Develop a Wellness Business & Be Profitable

Learn how to set goals to develop a wellness business to be profitable. Discover ways to prepare for the slow months of the fall season.

It’s no secret that the slowest season for health and wellness providers is the summer. Since July and August are the most popular vacation months, plus kids are off from school, it’s easy for your clients to say “I’ll get to it in September.”

While it may be hard to get over this hurdle – especially when you’re just starting out in business – we promise there are steps you can take right now that will prove beneficial come fall.


Prior planning! If you’re serious about seeing an uptick in your business metrics – profits, number of clients, new conversions, etc., it’s time to get SMART.

Just as you set SMART goals with your clients, it’s important to set SMART goals for your business. Remember, make your goals Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.

Here are 5 Things To Do Right Now For Your Most Profitable Fall Season:

1. Work ON Your Business

Is there something you know you should be doing to work on your business but you keep putting off? Now is the time to make it happen!

Whether it’s getting your finances in order, designing new content for your business, planning your marketing for the next quarter, or something different altogether, you have the free time now, so let’s make it happen.

Action tip: Work on 1 project at a time. Give yourself a realistic deadline for 1 project before moving on to something else.

2. Design and Plan Your Program

You’ve probably heard it before, but diversifying your income to offer a variety of services, at a variety of price points, is wise for a profitable and scalable business. After all, you only have so many hours in the day to see clients 1-on-1.

There are many different types of webinars and/or programs you can offer prospective and current clients including:

  • Promotional webinars: Show off your stuff to prospective clients. Choose an educational topic that targets your ideal client.
  • A group challenge: Creating a challenge for your network is a great way to entice prospective clients, or give existing clients a jolt of new energy! You can even host a group webinar during the challenge to offer support, education, and encouragement.
  • Automated educational programs: If you’ve been thinking about creating an automated educational program for clients, now is the time to plan it. Choose a topic that attracts your ideal clientele and you can easily speak to. You can always start small, then tweak and adjust your program as it grows.

Action tip: Since you have more time now, brainstorm topics, design your program, and plan as much as possible to design a program that fits your business best.

3. Create a Better Workflow

It can be hard to get in the groove of your workflow as a solopreneur. You don’t have structure of administration breathing down your neck, and your deadlines are self-made. If switching back and forth between programs and apps leaves you feeling scattered in your business, it may be time to reevaluate your workflow.

Practice management programs, like Healthie, make it easy by including everything you need to succeed, in one place. You can manage your scheduling, charting, billing, document-sharing, and client engagement from the same portal. Equally advantageous, your clients can schedule appointments, review educational materials, and pay for their appointments in the same platform too. This not only makes it easier for you, but exudes a professional workflow for your clients.

Action tip: Transfer your workflow to an all-in-one practice management platform. Ask us how!

4. Plant the Seeds to Succeed

Partnerships and affiliations (usually) don’t happen overnight. It takes time to build trust, which can turn into a mutually beneficial partnership.

Take your slower client schedule and pencil in meetings with local physicians, restaurants, personal trainers, and boutique fitness studios. Inquire about their business and see how you can work together.

Action tip: Enter these meetings with a specific goal. Even if that goal is to get to know a potential partner better and find ways to collaborate on a high level.

5. Take a Much-Needed Vacation

You’ve been working so hard helping dozens of clients all summer long, so take advantage of the slower summer season and sneak away for a little R&R… even if you just have a staycation close to home.

Stepping away from your business for even a few days can help you gain perspective and boost your productivity upon your return. This can help you feel invigorated and excited to jump back into work and hustle even harder!

Action tip: Take a few days off before the fall frenzy begins! Schedule some activities you love, or hit the road to explore a new place. Time away may be just what you and your business need!

Now that you know what you can do now to grow your business, it’s time to jump in. When you create specific and SMART goals, with a plan to accomplish them, your most profitable months are at your fingertips!

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Make more time to grow your business

Use a platform that automates the administrative, so you can focus on growth and care.

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