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Learn how to partner with doctors to find wellness referral leads. Learn how to become partners in health and wellbeing with Healthie.

How to Find Partners in Health and Wellness

Referral partnerships are a great way to connect with other specialists such as physicians, personal trainers, and gym owners to more fully support your target clients. In this relationship, all parties benefit. You’ll receive new clients, and in the process, send some new clients your partner’s way.

While this is a great general concept, today, we’re delving into the nitty, gritty details of this relationship – what benefits will you offer referred clients to make them come your way?

Start With a Promotion

When deciding what kind of promotion you want to offer, consider what the referral is worth. No one wants to offer free services, so consider starting with discounts instead. You can offer a 25% off deal to an event hosted by your private practice or a one-month package.

Promoting a larger month-long or 3-month package may be more successful than one discounted initial consultation, so that you can foster a positive relationship with the client to encourage them to continue purchasing sessions later on.

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Co-Host a Program or Event

Another option to create a successful partnership is to coordinate on creating an event or short-term program that you both could gain from.

Co-hosting an educational seminar on how both of your services can benefit your clients (or something along those lines) can help you both connect with more clients and engage with them in a way that will make them want to work with you more.

Talk to Your Referral Partner

No matter how you decide to partner, it’s essential to be on the same page in a mutually-beneficial partnership.

Don’t be afraid to invite them out to lunch for a quick, fun brainstorming session. You want to strategize to see how you, your partner, and your clients can all benefit from this relationship. Having open channels of communication is very important, and not something to overlook.

Not every meeting needs to be formal or take hours at a time. Be casual, be friendly, speak often, but briefly. Sure, your relationship will depend on who you are working with, but this is a good general rule of thumb to live by.

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