How to Use Sales Promotion Strategies for Your Wellness Business

Learn how to use promotional pricing for your wellness business. Read how sales promotion strategies can help increase client appointments.

Once you’ve established your wellness business, it’s time to start selling your services! If you’re not a natural salesperson, developing  sales promotion strategies can feel slightly overwhelming. You want to build your client base and start generating revenue right away, but in a cost-effective way that doesn’t require an extreme time commitment. Below, we’ve outlined our best sales promotion strategies to employ in your wellness business. 

Sales Promotion Strategies for Wellness Businesses

✓ Promotional Pricing & Codes

Promotional codes are a strategic and powerful way to boost your wellness brand and track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Even more, they serve as a low-cost marketing initiative that can incentivize both new and existing clients to purchase your wellness services. A timely discount can be beneficial for both your clients and your wellness business, but relying on promo codes too often can actually dilute the value of your services. Being mindful of the frequency and cadence of your promotional pricing  will help generate interest from prospective clients and provide value to existing clients. 

There are a variety of ways you can employ promo codes in your practice. For example, using promo codes created for your best selling (or even most expensive) services offers a strategic way to increase sales for your business. Promotional pricing  can incentivize clients to commit to your longer-term service packages, where they will likely see better outcomes. Or, you can leverage a promo code to advertise a new service, product, or program you’re offering. Make a launch announcement and include a limited-time promo code to generate interest and sales. Using this type of promotional pricing attracts prospective clients and markets new services to your existing client base. 

Once you’ve decided what services you want to pair with a promo code, you can use them as “calls to action” in your marketing materials. This will incentivize clients to take action right away. Be specific in the details, though; every promo code should have a clear purpose, length of time, and target audience. Avoid creating promotional pricing that can apply to all/any services and don’t expire. This gives you little control over how the codes are used, and can wind up costing you more in the long run. 

Overall, promo codes are meant to increase interest and sales for your practice. There is a science that goes into finding the right discount that will entice clients to buy, and still generate income for your business. Deeply discounted services are likely not sustainable in the long run; think carefully about a rate for your services that will still generate a profit. 

✓ Referral Incentives

Creating a referral program for your clients is a low-cost, high-reward way to generate revenue and expand your client base. Referral programs not only reward clients who speak highly of your services and bring you new business, but increase the likelihood they will do it again and again. When designing your referral program, think of what you hope to achieve with its implementation. Do you want to increase revenue, better your customer satisfaction, or expand your client base? These goals likely go hand in hand.  

Next, brainstorm how you want to structure the program. You can have individual referral rewards for specific packages, online programs, webinars, or other services you offer; or, just a general referral program for each time a referred client makes their first purchase. Additionally, you have to determine exactly what the reward will be; for example, a free session, downloadable ebook, or webinar are all rewards that do not cost your business too much money or time. While receiving gift cards or other physical rewards may increase the appeal of the program, that can quickly begin to cost your practice without a high return on investment. 

Once you’ve identified your referral program, it’s important to lay out the communication funnel for receiving referrals. One easy strategy is to ask clients to write down their referral source on intake paperwork. This guarantees you gather that information from every new client, and can make a note to reach out with the reward to the person who made the referral. 

It’s also important to market your referral program, like any other sales promotion strategy. Because only current clients are eligible for the rewards, it’s important to limit your marketing efforts to channels where you and your clients interact regularly. This may include a call-to-action in your newsletter, a dedicated email campaign marketing the program, or just a reminder after every session to sign up. 

✓ Bundled Promotional Packages

Offering private practice client packages is a great way to encourage a long-term relationship with your clients from day one. Most of the time, when clients purchase a multiple-session package, they’re committing to improve their health over time. There are a variety of different packages you can use as sales promotion strategies  in your wellness business:

  • Session Bundles: Instead of purchasing a la carte follow up appointments, your clients are committing to improving their health over time by purchasing several follow up appointments, all at once. Securing a long-term relationship with your clients also helps you feel confident about your time investment outside of your scheduled appointments.
  • Concierge Package: Many practitioners boost their revenue by charging an additional fee for concierge services, including reviewing food journals, answering chat messages or emails, sending motivational messages, or commenting on metrics entries. Not only does this elevate the level of service you provide, but it allows you to generate income for things you are likely already doing. 
  • Monthly Membership Plans: Monthly packages are great because your clients commit to working with you for the long-term, similar to a session bundle. However, there is a higher level of commitment, because clients commit for a period of time, rather than a number of sessions, that might run out faster than you think. 
  • Virtual Group Sessions or Workshops: For clients that are looking for support at a lower price point, you can offer a package of group sessions. You still benefit from the commitment of purchasing multiple sessions right up front, but your time investment as a provider is lower, as you can work with multiple clients at once. 

Once you’ve created your client packages, you can find creative ways to market your services to both existing clients, or as a lead generation tool for prospective clients. By using sales promotion strategies to promote  your client packages across multiple channels, you can increase revenue and showcase the value of your services. A few promotional strategies to market your packages include:

  • “Book Now” button on Facebook: Creating a Facebook Business page for your wellness business is a cost-effective way to market your client packages. The button at the top of your page provides viewers with a “call-to-action.” You can edit it any time and select the “Book Now” option to link to your calendar or a client package for them to purchase directly.
  • Link packages directly on your website: Adding a “Services” page on your website or landing page allows you to provide a detailed overview of your client packages. Eliminate any buyer hesitation by showcasing the value, benefits, and included services with your client packages. 
  • Announce packages in an email campaign: Building an email list and sending out a monthly newsletter is an effective way to build “touch points” with current and prospective clients. Your newsletter can be a platform for you to announce your latest packages and showcase the benefits.

Using Healthie to Promote Your Services

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Make more time to grow your business

Use a platform that automates the administrative, so you can focus on growth and care.

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