How to Prepare to Start Dietetic Private Practice

Learn how to prepare to start a dietitian private practice as an intern. Learn how having a dietitian mentor and finding your niche can help.

Are you interested in one day starting your own nutritional counseling private practice? While this seems like a big endeavor, there has never been a better time to take the leap and get started. You are in the process of working towards your RD credential, you may not feel quite ready to start seeing your own private practice clients, so what better time to lay the groundwork! See what you need to get started:

1. How to Prepare to Start Your Own Dietetic Private Practice

One of the most inspirational aspects of having your own private practice is the opportunity to make your job exactly what you want it to be. You’ll be able to work with the clients you want to work with and focus exclusively on the subjects that you are most passionate about. Before launching your own practice, it is always a great idea to really think about what you would like it to be. Who is your target client? What are you trying to help them achieve?

2. Get Covered

Now, this isn’t the flashiest of steps, but if you intend to see clients in any situation where you will not be protected, you must purchase liability insurance. We have a much fuller blog post to help you find plans that will best support your goals. This is often the first step towards starting your own private practice whether it be a part-time project or your full-time career.

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3. Build a Website

Even if you haven’t started getting the word out about your new private practice, creating a website is an easy and pragmatic step. This is a great place to make your practice into a reality. Come up with a name for it! It can be as simple as your own name or something grand to reflect a soon-to-be enterprise. Think about what kinds of services you want to offer and put them into words – we can help you there too! Be sure to include website must-haves like your name, location, and contact information!

Healthie can even help you create educational content that actually resonates with your clients. To learn how to set up a free Starter account today, click here.

4. Be Social

One of the biggest challenges to a new practice is getting the word out there and marketing your expertise. The great thing about your position as a dietetic intern is that you have time to build a social media audience! Hop onto Twitter and Instagram and post about your health know-how! You might not be seeing clients yet, but when you open the doors of your own private practice down the line, you’ll already have followers excited to sign up.

5. Find a dietitian mentor

This is not a “necessary” step but so many dietitians will say down the road as they’re managing their own successful practices that talking to another successful dietitian to in a sense learn the ropes helped them more than anything in getting started. This can be someone you’ve connected with through your internship. Look specifically for someone who is working within the specialty or niche you hope to work in. They may not be local, but their advice may be the bulwark you need to feel confident in your mission.

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