How to Create Health Packages for Clients

Learn how to create client health packages at Healthie. Learn how having multiple session packages can benefit your business.

Offering private practice client packages are a great way to encourage a long-term relationship with your clients from day one. Most of the time, when clients purchase a multiple-session package, they’re committing to improve their health over time.

In Healthie, creating private practice client packages makes it easy for clients to purchase your services, whether they are buying one session or several months worth of sessions at a time. You can also automate weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual charges too. To try this feature risk-free, sign up for a Free Starter Account with Healthie.

We frequently get questions about creating client packages, so today we’re sharing a few examples of private practice client packages that you may want to use in your own practice.

Here are several common types of private practice client packages:

  • Free Initial Consultation
  • Bundled Follow Up Sessions
  • Healthie Concierge Package
  • 3 Month Membership Plan
  • (Virtual) Workshops

Free Initial Consultation

Offering a free initial consultation is a great way to attract clients, but of course, there are pros and cons. You can read more about the benefits and risks here.

Health Session Bundles

If you’re not ready to offer a monthly package (see below), offering healths session bundles is another option.. Instead of purchasing a la carte follow up appointments, your clients are committing to improving their health over time by purchasing several follow up appointments up front at once. Securing a long-term relationship with your clients also helps you feel confident about your time investment outside of your scheduled appointments.

Client Packages: Examples for Your Private Practice

Healthie Concierge Package

We see many practices boost their revenue by charging an additional fee for using the Healthie app and being on call at any time of day. This concierge service allows you to spend more time on the Healthie app in between sessions, commenting on food logs and answering questions via the messaging feature, which elevates the level of care you provide.

We suggest offering this service as a weekly or monthly subscription plan.

The Healthie app also allows for providers to access their calendars and appointments, upload documents, and host telehealth appointments. Set up a Free Starter Account to get access to the Healthie Mobile App.

3 Month Membership Plan

As a nutrition professional, you know it takes time to make meaningful changes when it comes to food and nutrition. Monthly packages are our favorite package option because your clients commit to working with you for the long-term. Instead of purchasing follow-up sessions as they go, clients can purchase a monthly package that includes a set number of follow up sessions. You can even automate your client’s payments in Healthie.

We used 3 months as an example, but we encourage you to also offer 6 month or even yearly packages for your clients.

Client Packages: Examples for Your Private Practice

Virtual Group Sessions and Workshops

Workshops are a great way to help your clients with a hands-on approach. Whether it’s a cooking workshop or a grocery store tour or a webinar you can offer these workshops virtually. Grow your practice and reach more clients by offering virtual services.

Client Packages: Examples for Your Private Practice

If you’re unsure of what additional services you can offer your clients, click here to explore how Healthie’s Free Starter Plan can help you build out your offerings.

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Make more time to grow your business

Use a platform that automates the administrative, so you can focus on growth and care.

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