How to Get New Health Clients for Your Wellness Business

Learn how to get clients for your new business with Healthie. Discover best practices for finding health clients for your wellness practice.

When beginning your wellness business, one of the most daunting tasks may be finding your first few health clients. The very first step is to identify your ideal client. Without having an accurate picture of this ideal client, you will not be able to create appropriate service offerings and marketing materials that appeal directly to them. Taking the time to understand your niche and your ideal clients for your new practice will help you attract them to your business. 

Once you’ve identified your ideal client, you need to come with a strategy to communicate with them. There are a variety of strategies you can employ, depending on the clients you are trying to reach. Here, we’ve listed our top five tips for finding new clients for your wellness business. 

 How to Get Clients for Your New Wellness Business

1. Update family and friends on your new wellness business

The best place to start is sometimes with your inner circle. When opening your wellness business, reach out to your friends and family to see if anyone would be interested in becoming one of your first clients or spreading the word to their contacts. The best way to contact your inner circle is to draft up an email that introduces your services, your qualifications, your approach to care, and a link to your website. Ask the recipients to either forward the email along to people they think may benefit from your services, or simply use the information to mention your name in conversation. 

2. Start to build your referral network

Creating a referral network is critical to building a strong client base within your area. By building a client referral network, you can connect with other wellness professionals, and start to receive a steady referral of clients. Even having as few as one or two wellness professionals referring clients to you on a regular basis contributes to keeping your client-load full. Spending the time to build, grow and nurture your client referral network is well worth the payoff. 

To start, think of your client and make a list of wellness professionals who may serve your clientele as well. Create a spreadsheet with their contact info that you can find online, or reach out to their office to obtain the direct contact information. The first step in building your network is to reach out to everyone on your list (email or phone), asking to connect. You’ll want to schedule a quick 10 minute phone call, or plan a coffee meetup if they have time. Make a note of who you’ve reached out to, and follow-up with the prospectives you were unable to reach.

It can also be beneficial to include a “Referring Provider” section on your intake paperwork for clients to fill out. Update your new client intake forms to include a section about their current primary care physician or referring healthcare provider (name, address, phone) and a check-off that gives you permission to contact them with updates on their wellness progress. You can then send progress updates to the referring provider and include your contact information in order to build a relationship and demonstrate how successful your clients are when you work with them.  

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3. Connect with other local wellness professionals

When starting out, many of your initial clients may be referred by primary care physicians. However, there are a variety of other providers that are part of your client’s care team that can become a vital part of your referral network. You can reach out and build a relationship with some of these providers the same way you would with primary care providers. Some wellness professionals that generally serve as a great source of referrals for health and wellness professionals:

  • Gastroenterologists
  • Endocrinologists
  • Psychologists + therapists (LCSW, LMFTs, CBT-therapists, etc)
  • Physical therapists
  • Eating disorder clinics or specialists
  • OBGYNs, doulas or other women’s health specialists

You can also host in-person or virtual meet-ups for providers in our area. Professionals are much more likely to refer to you when they know you, and know that you’ll help their clients see results. By planning casual, local meetups, you can start to host events for the professionals on your list, and encourage them to invite fellow colleagues. Keep in mind, these other wellness professionals are also looking for ways to gain new health client referrals. Putting together a meetup is likely to benefit everyone attending.

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4. Offer Promotion Codes

Promotional codes are a strategic and powerful way to boost your wellness brand and track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Even more, they serve as a low-cost marketing initiative that can incentivize both new and existing clients to purchase your wellness services. A timely discount can be beneficial for both your clients and your wellness business, but relying on promo codes too often can actually dilute the value of your services. Being mindful of the frequency and cadence of your promotional pricing  will help generate interest from prospective clients and provide value to existing clients. 

There are a variety of ways you can employ promo codes in your practice. When trying to find new health clients, it may be best to offer a promotional code for signing up for an initial appointment. Make a launch announcement and include a limited-time promo code to generate interest and sales. Using this type of promotional pricing attracts prospective clients and markets new services to your existing client base. 

Overall, promo codes are meant to increase interest and sales for your practice. There is a science that goes into finding the right discount that will entice clients to buy, and still generate income for your business. Deeply discounted services are likely not sustainable in the long run; think carefully about a rate for your services that will still generate a profit. 

5. Attend Community Events

Becoming a part of the community will help get your name out there and attract new health clients. Try to seek out food-focused events and see how you might be able to get involved. Presenting during a community event gives you the chance to excite, connect, engage with potential clients. During your event, you’ll be able to prove your services have value and convert those potential leads into paying clients. For example, setting up a table at the next farmer’s market might be just what you need to meet your first clients. 

For the most success, choose events and speaking opportunities that are relevant to your ideal client. With virtual opportunities becoming more and more common, your options for speaking engagements are endless, and you can participate no matter your location. Think about topics your ideal client may be interested in, and start from there. 

Healthie for Wellness Businesses

Overall, these strategies will help you stand out from other wellness businesses from the get-go. Your clients will feel welcomed and supported from the start, helping you develop a strong relationship with them throughout your time working together. And, don’t feel pressured to take on a large amount of clients right away; finding a few solid clients that you can nurture a relationship with can be more beneficial in the long run. 

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  • Macronutrient tracking
  • Lifestyle & activity tracking
  • Client goal setting
  • Secure client messenger
  • Convenient mobile app

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