4 Marketing Tips for Health and Wellness Professionals

Discover four marketing tips to build community through offline marketing strategy and grow your practice.

There isn’t just one way to market your practice. While we often discuss social media marketing or even Facebook advertising, there is more to marketing than what you can create online.

Community marketing focuses on the tangible, physical ways you can promote your practice within your community. Today we’re sharing marketing tips that you can implement to grow your influence in your community.

1. Write a Brochure

While business cards are essential and great for giving out, step up your business strategy with a brochure. A good brochure will advertise directly to your target client and give them an easy way to reach out.

Creating a brochure will help at every community event you attend, to spread the word about your practice across your community. It is an easy item to take from a farmer’s market stand or hand out at a gym. Having a brochure can even help your referral partners so they have all of essential information they would like to know about your practice on hand.

Here are some things to include in your private practice brochure:

  • Website URL
  • Contact information
  • A picture of you
  • Your nutrition philosophy
  • Testimonial

Pro Tip: Fill your brochure with eye-catching images, including a photo of you! It’s more memorable and inviting for prospective clients.

2. Visit or Exhibit at a Farmer’s Market

One community event that brings healthy eating to the forefront of everyone’s mind is the farmer’s market. Take advantage of this well-aligned event in your community!

Inquire about how you might be able to get involved or set up a table of your own. With this kind of event, you’ll connect with individuals in your community and be able to establish a presence for your practice. At the very least, it’ll get the word out about your practice.

P.S. Don’t forget to bring your business cards and brochures if you set up a table!

4 Marketing Tips for Health and Wellness Professionals

3. Market to Local Gyms and Boutique Fitness Studios

Outside of the farmer’s market, another community mecca for health-focused individuals is the gym. Go to local gyms in and around your area and reach out to their owner or manager. We’ve seen many nutrition professionals establish referral partnerships and even business relationships with gym owners this way.

You can also offer to give a talk to their gym members at a busy gym time. This way, when people come for their workout, they can also come to learn about healthy eating. You can charge for admission to your talk or offer it for free, with hopes of gaining a few clients (or at least building your email list).

At the very least, you might want to ask if the gym would be willing to give out your brochures.

4 Tips to Building a Community Marketing Strategy for Your Private Practice - The Healthie Blog

4. Set up a Referral Partnership

Think hard about your target client. Who else near by is looking to work with this demographic? Consider specialists, doctors, gyms, yoga studios, health-focused cafés, and so on. All of these offer potential for establishing a referral partnership.

When looking for a good referral partner, it’s a great idea to stay local – especially if your practice mainly sees clients in-office instead of through telehealth. See if you’re a good fit for them first, before reaching out. For instance, if you come across a nearby gym that doesn’t have a program in place for nutrition or dietetic services, they may potentially be a good partner.

Last, remember to be a good partner. Don’t only take new clients from your partner, but also send your clients their way as well. Implement these marketing tips to start growing your practice, and client referrals today.

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