Best Practices for Healthcare Patient Onboarding

Learn how to handle patient onboarding with Healthie. Discover onboarding best practices for healthcare clients.

When bringing on a new client for your wellness business, every step of the onboarding experience is crucial. These early-stage interactions are a reflection of your brand and establish expectations for your clients when working together. Having a simple, professional way to collect client information, book sessions and charge for services will reassure new clients that working with you is a great investment of their time and money.

Healthie’s practice management software can be used by any wellness professional. Our new free Starter Plan can help you with program creation, scheduling, telehealth, and provide a client portal all for $0. The Healthie platform allows wellness providers to seamlessly onboard new clients to their businesses. With an easy to share calendar and client packages, new clients can purchase and schedule their first appointment in minutes. Once added to the Healthie platform, new clients will automatically receive any new client paperwork and assessment forms created by their provider. All intake paperwork can be completed virtually and e-signed for your client’s convenience.

Leverage Healthie to streamline client onboarding by:  

  • Allowing clients to book and purchase services online
  • Creating new client paperwork and forms that can be electronically completed by clients
  • Using Healthie Smart Form and pre-fill options to collect pre-assessment information from a client during the onboarding process
  • Turning an intake form into a charting form to minimize charting time during an initial session

1. Improve client onboarding with online appointment booking

Studies show that more and more clients prefer the convenience of booking appointments online. Small Business Trends predicts that by the end of 2019, more than 60% of patients will be self-booking their healthcare appointments online. Allowing clients to securely self-book decreases time (and resources) that wellness professionals need to allocate towards schedule management.

The Healthie Calendar Feature allows wellness professionals to provide clients with an easy, professional way to book, reschedule and cancel appointments.

Embed calendar directly into your website:

Embedding your calendar into your website or landing page, creates a clear and professional portal for clients to self-book an appointment. New and existing clients can choose the appropriate appointment type and confirm their appointment slot with a quick click. Once booked, clients can also have the option to cancel an appointment, or book another appointment. Clients automatically receive a confirmation email of their appointment, with all relevant appointment details including: appointment location, time, provider and links to launch call if virtual.

3 Ways to Streamline Your Client Onboarding Experience with Healthie

Embed client package(s) into your website:

Allow clients to purchase a package, and subsequently book an appointment associated with your package (if included). With a seamless way to purchase and book services, wellness providers save time in both billing and schedule management. Along with appointment details, clients will also automatically receive a receipt of their payment.

3 Ways to Streamline Your Client Onboarding Experience with Healthie
3 Ways to Streamline Your Client Onboarding Experience with Healthie

Use a sharing link to email or message to clients:

To add a link on a button in an email or website, Healthie makes it easy to grab a sharing link for a client package or multiple packages. Once a client clicks on your package link, they’ll easily be able to enter their information including name, email, phone number and credit card to purchase your package. If the client does not yet have a Healthie account, a new client account will automatically be created for them associated with their email address. If a client already has a Healthie account, purchasing a package will associate their purchase with their existing account.

A sharing link can be customized to show specific client packages. For multi-provider practices, a sharing link can also be customized to link to a particular provider's calendar and packages. Ushering clients towards the right package and provider fit, further adds to client satisfaction.

Whether you’re a solo practitioner or part of a multi-provider group or organization, our flexible membership plans adapt to meet your business needs. To set up a free Starter account to test out these features, click here.

3 Ways to Streamline Your Client Onboarding Experience with Healthie


2. Utilize Healthie’s intake forms to collect client information

After a client purchases or books a session, they will automatically receive a welcome email inviting them to create their Healthie password, and granting them access to their Healthie client account. Clients will also receive a second message prompting them to complete any new client paperwork. These automatic messages, and next-step prompts allow clients to seamlessly move through the client onboarding experience.

Client groups and intake flows

Client paperwork can be assigned by providers within an Intake Flow. Essentially, Intake Flows in Healthie allows you to add various forms, agreements and policies for clients to fill out and sign electronically, prior to their initial session. Providers can leverage Healthie’s Library for standard practice forms like Privacy Policy (HIPAA and Cancellation Policy forms) or use the Form Builder to Create their own.

When a client books an appointment, or purchases a package within Healthie, you have the option of assigning (or reassigning) them to a client group. You can create as many client groups as you’d like in Healthie, and associate each group (or multiple groups) with an Intake Flow.

3 Ways to Streamline Your Client's Onboarding Experience with Healthie

Some suggestions for streamlining your client’s intake paperwork process:

  • Include Healthie’s “Billing Info” form to automatically collect a credit card on file. This will be securely stored in your client’s chart, and can help optimize billing and enforce cancellation policies.
  • For insurance-based practices, include Healthie’s “Insurance Info” form to collect detailed information on clients insurance plan
  • Add a welcome email or introductory handout that will set expectations of how you’ll work together, and how you’ll use Healthie in the process.
  • Make forms “Required”

3. Optimize charting with Healthie’s EHR Platform

Now that your new client has booked and paid for their appointment, created their Healthie login and completed their Intake paperwork, you’re ready to meet. Whether sessions are conducted in-person or virtually, there are a few ways to leverage Healthie to improve the flow and efficiency of an initial session.

Using Healthie Smart Forms + Pre-Fill Options

Within Healthie, there are several default charting templates, including ADIME notes, Healthie Smart Forms and SOAP Notes. When using a Healthie Smart Form, the information recorded in this note will automatically fill out a client’s profile.

In addition to being saved within a client’s chart, the information will also pre-fill into future charting notes (i.e. follow-up sessions). For any custom charting forms created in the Healthie Form Builder, the “pre-fill” option can also be turned on to automatically pull this information into subsequent forms.

Turning an intake form into a charting form

To optimize time spent charting during an initial session, providers can create a pre-assessment form using Healthie’s Form Builder, which can be included in a client’s Intake Flow. Client’s can electronically complete their assessment form, providing relevant information in advance, such as: medical history, family medical history, current medications, supplements, nutritional history, diet recalls and exercise regimens.  

Once an Intake Form is created in Healthie, there is an option to “Turn into Charting Form.” Now the Healthie Smart Form will be available as a charting form within Healthie’s EHR platform. For telehealth practices, having a comprehensive practice management system is also imperative. Click here to learn how you can try Healthie’s platform for free.

For clients who have completed this information in advance, the charting note will automatically be available to view within the client’s account, for their provider to view. Even more, pull up this note during an initial session to verify the information provided, and overall save a significant amount of time charting during (or after) the session. Having this information available in advance further allow wellness professionals to give the most attentive, personalized care, which further enhances their client onboarding experience.

Watch this quick tutorial to learn:

  • How to find and edit the Healthie Smart Form
  • Steps to add Healthie Smart Form to an Intake Flow
  • How to turn the Healthie Smart Form into a Charting Form
  • The option to make the form “pre-fill,” for future charting
  • Where to access the Healthie Smart Form, with pre-filled information, when charting during a client session

For current Healthie members, sign up for a LIVE class to gain an in-depth knowledge of intake and charting forms. Classes are held weekly and cover a deep-dive review of the Intake Form and Charting features of Healthie, with time for Q+A.

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Make more time to grow your business

Use a platform that automates the administrative, so you can focus on growth and care.

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