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Branding: to put it simply, branding is the name, design and imagery that identifies your wellness business and sets it apart within the industry. Your wellness brand is represented in the imagery of your business, such as your logo, website, color schemes and font. Beyond this, your wellness brand is also shaped by the words, attitude and values, or the personality of your business.  

Having a clear, and consistent brand-strategy reinforces your business voice and mission. Prospective clients will quickly connect with your company, and be more easily compelled to book your services. Every single touch-point with a client or prospective client provides an opportunity for you to build upon your wellness brand.

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Healthie’s platform was designed  from the ground up to highlight and showcase  your wellness brand. As a provider on Healthie, you can customize the platform to reflect your company’s brand and color scheme, and incorporate other important business information. We’ve thought through it all, so you can focus on growing your business and supporting clients: Your logo, company name, links to social media accounts you maintain, brand colors, profile picture, and other attributes will automatically appear throughout the Healthie platform, for a custom look.

This article provides an overview of how to customize the Healthie platform to incorporate your wellness brand, including:

  • Automatically incorporate your brand logo in all of your client-facing interactions
  • Reinforce a consistent brand image within the platform
  • Customize your color scheme and
  • Tailor your email communication to reflect your brand personality, and select the specific color scheme that represents your brand
  • Link your branded Healthie portal to your website and social pages

Custom Branding Options within Healthie

To get started with branding Customizations in Healthie, click the settings icon on the top right. From the drop-down, select the brand. From this page, you’ll be able to adjust the automatic settings used across the Healthie platform to interject your wellness brand.

When you login to your Healthie provider account, you can go to Settings > Brand to adjust your preferences.

1. Choose your “Brand Name”  

From your branding settings you can create your display name (ie. your name that you want clients to see) but also select a “Brand Name.” This is generally your business name.

Reminder: Consistency is essential with branding. If you operate your business under two names, choose one to use consistently for your branding and client communication.

2. Upload your logo

Your logo is the most important branding imagery that you’ll use in your business. Using your logo in every opportunity possible will help to solidify your brand image. From the Healthie brand settings, you can upload your logo (and change it at any time as needed). Your logo will automatically be added to:

  • Your client’s portal — they’ll see it when they log into their account
  • E-mails sent to clients on your behalf (ie. appointment reminders, receipts)

Pro Tip: If you’re just getting started with your wellness business, you don’t need to have you logo uploaded to create your Healthie profile. Upload it at any time (or change it!) as your brand develops.

3. Select your Healthie platform color scheme

As you build up your brand image, choosing the right color scheme to reflect your business will help with your brand consistency. Each color communicates a certain feeling with prospective clients, and can help them build an emotional connection with your brand. The colors that you choose to represent your brand can be used across all of your marketing tools (website, social pages, handouts, brochures, etc).

Some common colors and associated emotions:

  • Red = passionate, energetic, powerful, warm, urgent
  • Orange = playful, creative, youthful, energetic, kid-friendly
  • Green = versatile, nature, growth, health
  • Blue = classic, calming, trustworthy, dependable
  • Purple = eclectic, luxurious, feminine, wisdom
  • Yellow = optimistic, clarity, warm
  • White + Black = clean, youthful, modern

To help with your brand consistency, you can customize the Healthie platform to incorporate  your color scheme. As clients login to their Healthie portal, you can control and brand their experience with the portal.

From the “Brand” setting, choose the individual HEX color code for a number of features.

To learn how you can try out all of these features and many more for $0, click here.

4. Customize your platform emails and color scheme to reflect your wellness brand

Outside of the platform, you also have the ability to brand the automatic emails your clients receive from Healthie, including:

  • Welcome E-mail
  • Appointment Confirmation
  • Appointment Reminder
  • Client books from your website or purchases package from your website
  • Reactivation E-mails (Practice Plus Plan & Above)

From the “Settings” toolbar within Healthie, select “Email.” See all of your email templates from this section, and edit the text to better reflect your brand voice. Within the “Brand” setting, you can also customize the background color for your email communication.

5. Create a video for your welcome email

When a new client joins your platform, they will receive a welcome email and a series of forms to fill out as part of their intake flow. In this welcome email, you have the option to add a video link. Many Healthie providers choose to include a brief introductory video here, to connect with their new clients.

View an example Healthie introductory video for clients

6. Add your logo, images or videos to any forms that you create

Healthie’s form builder is a tool that allows you to create your own customized charting forms and documents within the platform. Use the form builder to create your own new client paperwork, pre-assessment forms, charting templates and program documents.

For each form that you create, you can upload an image, and reposition it within the form. Using this feature, you can easily add your logo, or any other relevant branding imagery you’d like.

When you add a new client to Healthie, you will select a client “group,” for them. With each client group that you have, you can tailor the welcome email and paperwork that they receive. This is the “intake flow,” for your client. Adding a video to your intake flow is a way to highlight your brand personality and create an instant connection with your clients.

For step-by-step instructions on adding your logo to a form, read our help article here.

7. Create a customized program for your clients

Part of what makes your wellness business unique is the services that you offer. Healthie’s Programs feature enables you to build, compile, and distribute resources on a specific topic, to an audience of your choosing. Content in a program can include videos, e-mails, documents, surveys and quizzes, and links to external websites.

As you build a program in Healthie, you can fully customize and create each resource, video or email that your clients receive. Using your logo, brand style guide and brand personality across each module, helps to solidify your brand image.

If you’re struggling to find a trusted EHR platform, consider trying Healthie’s starter plan to test our extensive features for free.

Branding: Building Your Wellness Brand with Healthie

8. Link your branded Healthie portal to your website for client booking

Healthie seamlessly integrates with the tools that you use to build your business and your brand. Embed your Healthie calendar or a link to your client packages to create a professional booking experience for your clients.

For step-by-step instructions on adding your logo to a form, read our help article here.

View examples of provider websites that integrate with Healthie

Looking for a fully white-labeled solution?

Healthie’s out-of-the-box solution is semi white-labeled, with brand logos, colors, and names appearing throughout the platform. If you are interested in a fully white-labeled solution, please e-mail to see how we can meet your specific needs.

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