The Best Chiropractic Billing Software

Learn why chiropractic practices benefit from electronic billing software. Discover the best chiropractic EHR billing software at Healthie.

Securing your cash flow is often a stressful part of running any business, chiropractic practices included. Luckily, the right software can make it so much more straightforward. When you’re looking for the best chiropractic billing software for you, consider opting for a comprehensive all-in-one option that integrates your practice management system, EHR, and more. By automating how you get paid, along with streamlining your other processes, you’ll have time to relax and get back to treating your patients.

How Your Chiropractic Practice Can Benefit from Billing Software

  • It’s efficient. The right chiropractic billing software will improve and automate all processes related to billing. You’ll be able to send automatic payment reminders, verify insurance details, and submit claims electronically - reducing the amount of time it takes for you to get paid. 
  • It’s cost effective. Although any comprehensive electronic billing software will have a cost associated with it, it’s far more affordable than managing the time, resources, and potential for error that come with manual billing. 
  • It’s scalable. If you want to expand your practice or open a new location in the future, your chiropractic billing software can easily grow with you.
  • It’s secure. You can rest assured that your data will be electronically stored on top-grade servers, keeping you fully HIPAA compliant.

Features of the Best Chiropractic Billing Software

Not all billing software is created equal, and the benefits and features offered can vary significantly across providers. When you’re choosing the billing software  for your chiropractic practice, make sure that it:

✓Integrates billing with practice management and EHR

An electronic recordkeeping system is a valuable and modern way to keep track of your patients’ health information. The best chiropractic EHR and billing software systems are cloud-based, which means the data will be available from anywhere (but remain secure). Along with an EHR, you also need practice management software, to help your office staff keep track of appointments and scheduling.

Why not streamline your EHR, billing, and practice management by keeping them all in one place? As you look for a billing software for your practice, consider investing in an all-in-one platform where you can easily access notes, appointment data, payment information, and more, without needing to switch between multiple platforms. 

✓Offers flexible payment options

Anyone running an insurance-based practice knows how time-consuming and difficult the paperwork can be. Chiropractic billing software will allow patients to add their insurance information during onboarding, making it easy for you to send/receive claims and stay updated on their status. Many platforms will also pre-fill forms based on their profile and previous claims - minimizing data entry time and human error.

However, many patients will also appreciate the availability of payment options outside of insurance. Credit card payments should be a core functionality of your chiropractic billing software. Consider a chiropractic billing software that will also allow you to collect & store client credit card details, as well as process payments. Even better, choose a billing software that will allow you to bundle and sell services within a client package, and supports recurring payments for clients. 

✓Complies with all HIPAA regulations

Many chiropractors and other healthcare professionals worry about making sure they’re compliant with all HIPAA regulations. It’s vital that any software you use must protect all patient data through solid encryption. When you’re choosing the best chiropractic billing software, make sure that its security is airtight.

✓Has a simple, intuitive interface

When you’re choosing a billing software for your practice, a system that’s simple to use should be a top priority. Make sure that it’s easy for your staff to adapt to the new system, so that it becomes the preferred way to manage invoices and claims.

✓Features a client portal

Billing software that also features a client portal enables clients to receive invoices, make payments, purchase services, and update their billing information as needed. 

But even better, an online client engagement portal is one of the easiest ways to make sure you’re available when clients have any questions or concerns. The portal will allow them to check their upcoming appointments, test results, and message you if they need anything. You can even connect through video for a follow up appointment, or to show them how to complete an exercise. 

Try Healthie - a comprehensive chiropractic EHR and billing software

With a range of carefully considered features and an intuitive interface, Healthie is proud to offer the best billing software solution for chiropractors. Healthie:

  • Uses an all-in-one system to integrate billing with scheduling, charting, reporting, client engagement, and more
  • Saves you time on administrative tasks by manually pre-filling Superbills, CMS 1500 forms, and invoices
  • Directly integrates with Office Ally to allow you to send, receive, and check on claims
  • Allows quick, safe, and secure payment through Stripe
  • Is fully HIPAA compliant 

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