Client Engagement Portal

Increase Client Engagement with Healthie's Web & Mobile Portal

Clients can log food and metrics, view and share documents, and chat within your secure, coordinated portal.

Client Engagement Portal

Increase Accountability and Long-Term Success

Clients can log pictures of their meals, workouts, and write reflection journals.
Providers can share feedback directly on client logs.
Customize the nutrition and lifestyle journaling tool for each client, to reveal more support through hunger/fullness scales, meal reflections, and perceived healthiness.
Client Engagement Portal

Wellness Goals Tracking

Establish wellness goals for clients to track on a daily, weekly, and long-term basis with customizable client notifications/reminders.
View detailed data on your client's goals progress, to identify successes and challenges.
Save goal "favorites" as templates to quickly generate new goals for all your clients.
Client Engagement Portal

Metrics Logging with Healthie's Patient Engagement Solutions

Provider and clients can log metrics and view trends over time.
Utilize Healthie's built-in metrics & vitals to track, or add your own custom metrics.
Connect to charting for seamless review and analysis.
Client Engagement Portal

Upload, Share, and Receive Documents

Create a library of forms and educational resources to share electronically with clients. No storage limit.
Clients can upload and share documents online such as lab documents, insurance cards, previous health records.
Clients can access resources shared with them from any device, at any time.
Client Engagement Portal

Send Secure, HIPAA-Compliant Messages

Messaging software enables you to send and receive chat messages within the web platform and mobile app, replacing text messages and email.
Host group conversations and send message blasts for communicating with clients at scale.
Utilize messenger with team members, to streamline internal communication.
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Healthie's EHR Features

Healthie is HIPAA, PIPEDA, and GDPR Compliant. Confidently let your clients know their information is safe and secure.

Build brand consistency and professionalism by incorporating your logo and company colors within Healthie’s portal.

Generate activity, engagement, and outcome reports and download client and business information for insights at your fingertips.

Cloud-based portal that updates in real-time, for 24/7, on the go access to important information.

Transitioning from another platform? Heathie imports your information as part of onboarding.


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"Healthie allows us to prioritize internal development resources, accelerate the launch of new services, and focus on what matters most: providing excellent experiences for our members."

Shan Jaffar
COO at Plume

“With Healthie, we’re able to focus our developer resources on building the elements of our software stack that are unique to Answers Now, in support of our mission to make ABA therapy easy, intuitive, and fun.”

Morry Belkin
CTO at Answers Now

After evaluating many products and platforms, we decided to use Healthie for their superior provider-centric features, open API, and support team that was impressively responsive and very much hands on.

Avish Bhama
CEO at Klinic
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