3 Fall Marketing Ideas for Back to School Wellness

Learn about three fall marketing ideas that can help you with seasonal strategy. Learn how to create a strategy for back to school wellness.

When it comes to marketing your wellness business, most experts will have multiple marketing strategies in place. Some of these marketing strategies, like email campaign, workshops and programs, are evergreen — meaning they are content that can run all year long. However, it is also strategic to incorporate some seasonal marketing efforts.

These season marketing efforts can speak to the changes and challenges prospective clients may be experiencing. By creating timely and relevant content, it will resonate quickly with prospective clients and can give a bolster to your wellness business.

Planning out this marketing content in advance will help to minimize the stress and pressure to produce come the season.

Here are 3 fall marketing strategies to implement now: 

1. Create a marketing strategy that targets back-to-school

Even if you don’t work with kids, there is a way you can utilize the heavily marketed back to school season to your advantage! Here are a few ideas:

  • Build your newsletter email list with premium content, such as a top 10 tips list for easy weeknight dinners or after school snacks or target college students returning to campus with dorm room recipes.
  • When creating content, treat school starting just as you would the new year. Think of a fresh slate or new beginnings.Or maybe it’s time for you to make some marketing new year resolutions. Try one of these.
  • Reconnect with prospective clients and/or previous clients! Let back to school season mean back to YOU for new or previous clients. Create a targeted email campaign towards previous clients or those who have shown interest in the past.

2. Offer a limited-time only promotion

There are many seasonal events in the fall to take advantage of — back to school season, college students returning to campus, Halloween, apple and pumpkin picking, Thanksgiving, and more…

Use these events for timely promotions. When your network only has a few days to take advantage of a special they’re more likely to do so for fear of missing out! Create a private practice flyer to spread the word in your community!

3. Leverage the local school community to generate new business

School is back in session this fall, so use your local school community to help bolster your business! Here are some ideas to ponder:

  • Reach out to school administration to host a presentation or event for parents about good nutrition. Oftentimes free speaking engagements lead to new clients!
  • Sponsor a football game or homecoming event at your local high school or take out an ad in your school district’s newsletter.
  • Volunteer to present for career day at your child’s school
  • Make a partnership now to get involved in back to school night

And always remember to keep your content relevant!

If you have a blog, it’s important to stay seasonal with your content. With every blog post or marketing material, think of your ideal client. What are they experiencing and struggling with come this season? Speak to their challenges, and showcase how your wellness business can help them overcome them. This will create an immediate connection with prospective clients, and compel them to purchase or book your services.

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