MSU transforms Nutrition Management Program with Healthie

Michigan State University revolutionized its sports nutrition management with Healthie. Overcoming challenges of fragmented systems and remote athlete engagement, Healthie streamlined care for Spartan athletes. With seamless telehealth, automated onboarding, scalable solutions, and advanced metrics tracking, MSU achieved remarkable improvements. Now, nearly all 25 athletic teams benefit from consolidated tools and holistic care, propelling them ahead in elite-level performance nutrition.

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Revolutionizing Nutrition Management at Michigan State University

The Healthie solution positions MSU athletes for success with holistic care for elevated performance.

The implementation of Healthie yielded significant improvements for Michigan State University's athletic program. Nearly all 25 Spartan Athletic teams now utilize the platform, marking a substantial consolidation of tools and a transformation in nutritional support for elite athletes. Healthie's Marketplace integrations, particularly with fitness apps like FitBit, Apple Health, and Google Fit, enabled the nutrition team to deliver more comprehensive care tailored to athletes' training responses. This holistic approach has elevated the level of support provided, enhancing performance outcomes across the board for Spartan athletes.


Michigan State University search for a holistic tool for its athletic program

MSU’s sports nutrition program felt hindered by the patchwork solution used to support its athletes.

When Rob Masterson began his role in sports nutrition at Michigan State University’s athletic program, he encountered a cumbersome challenge. Managing athlete care involved juggling over a dozen disparate apps, outdated processes like using a 'secure word document,' and a lack of integration among tools. This fragmentation hindered efficient coordination and jeopardized athlete performance. Additionally, the university required a secure virtual connection for remote athlete engagement, vital for scalability across teams, departments, and campuses.


MSU leverages Healthie for a competitive edge

Healthie empowered MSU’s nutrition team to provide top quality, uninterrupted care for its dedicated athletes.

Leveraging Healthie, Michigan State University addressed its challenges with a comprehensive solution. Seamless telehealth capabilities enabled faculty to connect securely with athletes remotely, ensuring uninterrupted care. Automated onboarding streamlined the integration of new students, fostering a culture of elite-level performance nutrition. Healthie's scalability facilitated the extension of wellness services across various teams, departments, and campuses. Advanced metrics tracking provided faculty with valuable insights for personalized athlete care. By consolidating tools into a single platform, Healthie propelled MSU ahead of competitors, offering a modern and efficient solution for sports nutrition management.

"We used lots of different things, none of which satisfied our needs completely…I just got frustrated, started searching, and came across Healthie. Healthie has been an absolute answer to what we needed."
Rob Masterson RD, CSSD
Rob Masterson RD, CSSD
Director of Performance Nutrition
A person stirring food in a pan on a window sill, creating a delicious meal with a view.

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