Weis Markets’ Nutrition and Wellness program experience success with Healthie

Weis Markets, faced with limitations in virtual services and geographic reach, struggled to connect effectively with their entire audience. Their challenges included launching new programs, expanding offerings, and tracking ROI. However, by leveraging Healthie, they transformed their operations. Healthie enabled their team to expand programs, seamlessly track ROI, and bolstered shopper-dietitian relationships.

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Advancing business dynamics with Healthie

Weis Markets saw their Nutrition and Wellness Services thrive with increased event attendance and amplified shopper engagement.

Weis Markets witnessed significant improvements in their business since adopting Healthie. Weis Markets experienced increased coupon redemption post-shopper engagement with programming and larger event attendance, expanding their geographic reach while reducing no-show rates. With the ability to electronically share coupons, recipes, and resources, Weis Markets also experienced an increase in shopper engagement. Moreover, Healthie's Programs and Webinars increased the Nutrition program’s visibility and opened avenues for media and brand collaborations.


Weis Markets struggled to connect to their entire audience

Weis Dietitians faced limitations in virtual services, geographic reach, program launches, and ROI tracking.

Weis Markets, notably the Weis Dietitians, encountered significant hurdles prior to adopting the Healthie solution. Their ability to provide a comprehensive experience was limited to in-person connections. This absence of virtual services affected the ability to connect regularly with locals but also restricted their geographic reach. Moreover, launching new programs and expanding their offerings to cover a more diverse risk of health conditions and nutritional topics required substantial effort and time, hindering their agility. Additionally, the inability to track the ROI of nutrition services impeded their ability to assess effectiveness and optimize strategies, underscoring the necessity for a transformative solution.


Weis Markets leverage Healthie to improve client relationships

Healthie enabled Weis Markets to offer expanded programs, track ROI, and enhance shopper-dietitian relationships seamlessly.

With Healthie, Weis Markets successfully addressed their challenges by transitioning to virtual counseling services, expanding their reach through online programs and webinars, and efficiently tracking attendance and outcomes. The implementation of Healthie's Programs tool allowed the Weis Nutrition and Wellness Team to deliver tailored programs covering various health conditions and nutritional topics. Additionally, leveraging Healthie's Reports Tool enabled management to track program metrics and increase the ROI of nutrition programming. Integrating Healthie with their website and social media enhanced shopper-dietitian relationships, providing a seamless experience and fostering long-term engagement.

"Our team of dietitians loves using Healthie to connect with Weis shoppers, whether we are helping them manage diabetes or sharing new recipes and cooking techniques. Through various offerings including virtual cooking classes and nutrition consultations, we are able to connect with customers no matter where they are located to help them reach their nutrition goals."
Kimberly Asman
Kimberly Asman
Senior Regional Dietitian
A woman and a little girl shopping in a grocery store.

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