Big Y leverages Healthie to increase geographic footprint

Big Y faced the challenge of efficiently scaling its wellness services to meet rising consumer demands for healthier lifestyles. Healthie offered a comprehensive platform that streamlined scheduling, marketing, and customer follow-up. Through Healthie, Big Y expanded its virtual programming and has positioned itself as a leader in holistic wellness solutions, enhancing customer loyalty and engagement.

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Big Y wellness initiatives find success with Healthie

Healthie's implementation led to increased engagement, conversions, sales, and expanded healthcare offerings for Big Y.

Adopting the Healthie solution has yielded significant results for Big Y, demonstrating tangible benefits across various aspects of their wellness initiatives. With Healthie, Big Y's team of part-time consulting dietitians has successfully expanded their user base year after year, showcasing sustained growth and engagement. 

The platform's virtual capabilities have notably boosted participation rates compared to in-person programs, removing limitations related to space, mobility, and geographical constraints. Impressively, Big Y has achieved a 60% or better conversion rate from registration to active participation, underscoring the platform's effectiveness in driving client engagement. Moreover, the integration of Healthie has led to increased sales of key ingredients featured in cooking classes and recommended during virtual events, as well as sponsor products, contributing to revenue growth. Healthie's accessibility has facilitated the expansion of care offerings enhancing access to comprehensive healthcare services for customers.


Big Y needed a platform to scale its wellness initiative

Big Y aimed to expand wellness services efficiently to meet increasing consumer demands.

Prominent grocer, Big Y, recognized the shift in consumer preferences towards healthier lifestyles, and wanted to leverage its team of dieticians’ expertise to support this shift. The challenge was to maximize the impact of their relatively small team to be able to successfully scale their new wellness services efficiently across locations, addressing chronic health conditions, and differentiating in a competitive market. Big Y needed a solution that would support their plans to offer personalized nutrition guidance, professional support services, and a seamless customer experience.


Healthie supports Big Y's wellness journey

Healthie's comprehensive platform facilitates seamless virtual programming and enhanced client engagement for Big Y.

Healthie proved to be the ideal solution for Big Y's challenges by offering a comprehensive platform that could be quickly implemented to meet the evolving needs of their shoppers, particularly in response to the pandemic. This all-in-one solution streamlined various aspects of wellness programming, from scheduling and marketing to registration and customer follow-up, providing a seamless experience for both users and providers. 

Through Healthie, Big Y's customers gained access to a range of virtual programming options under the be well™ with Big Y® Nutrition Program, tailored to meet their diverse needs. From individual Discovery Sessions to virtual store tours, presentations, and cook-alongs, the platform facilitated meaningful engagement and support. Healthie's features such as telehealth capabilities, food journaling and metrics tracking, client mobile app, and online programs enhanced communication, collaboration, and client engagement.

"Utilizing the Healthie platform has allowed us to grow our nutrition offerings and reach more people in the communities we serve with meaningful group and one-on-one interaction. While in-person events are beneficial, virtual programming has allowed us to expand our geographical reach well beyond the handful of store locations we were able to service before. Healthie provides robust, easy-to-use and secure solutions that help streamline Virtual Nutrition Programs for retail dietitians and consumers alike."
Andrea Luttrell
A young couple checking their shopping list on a cell phone while browsing in a grocery store.

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