Case Specific Nutrition Leverages Healthie to Connect Its Growing Nutrition Practice

Healthie’s API-first EHR and Platform serves as the infrastructure for the Pennsylvania-based practices.

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Case Specific Nutrition Prepares for Quick Growth With Healthie’s Out-of-the-Box Solution

Improved efficiency readies Case Specific Nutrition to expand its team and provide the best possible client experience.

“Case Specific has ambitious goals of empowering dietitians across the county to enter the private practice market as a Case Specific Franchise, and Healthie will be the health record supporting these franchises,” says Robert Marty. 

Leveraging Healthie has allowed Case Specific Nutrition to:  

  • Create an all-in-one solution for its providers with the many features and integrations Healthie provides.
  • Overcome long-standing barriers in the healthcare industry to instead offer modern, accessible care.
  • Connect clients and providers quickly by accelerating administrative tasks and the onboarding process. 
  • Have a collaborative and constructive relationship with their EHR and platform provider.

Case Specific Nutrition Needed A Flexible EHR and Platform

Case Specific Nutrition’s unique business model required a light, customizable solution.

Case Specific Nutrition (CSN) faced several challenges when in search of an EHR and customer engagement platform. With a niche business model of being a registered dietitian practice with multiple offices and providers, CSN needed a solution that was flexible to its business model and still met all of their other needs. CSN set out with the goal of finding a health record software that aligned with their budget, improved member access & functionality, strongly supported clinicians & admin alike, and offered excellent HIPAA & encryption securities. 

Ready to transition away from their previous provider, Kalix, the CSN team fully vetted all of the EHR solutions available. After thoughtful deliberation and several sales calls with vendors, CSN moved forward with Healthie as its chosen EHR and platform. 


Case Specific Nutrition Relaunches with Healthie in 90 Days

Healthie’s intuitive solution and hands-on team support Case Specific Nutrition’s business model.

Relaunching with Healthie as their EHR and platform, Case Specific Nutrition are grateful to have found a solution to their challenges without going over budget. As a private practice, cash flow and allocation of assets are always top of mind, and Healthie’s affordable and transparent pricing allowed the CSN team to be responsible in how to spend capital, without limiting future growth.

In addition to meeting budget expectations, CSN has seen great value in Healthie’s patient-facing app, robust scheduling features, and client support team. Healthie has streamlined the onboarding of new clients, “each day, incoming clients are downloading the Healthie app, scheduling with a provider, completing paperwork, and being seen in-person or via Healthie’s HIPAA secure telehealth platform.” With the Healthie infrastructure in place, CSN can sustainably grow its client base, and connect providers to clients quickly. 

Not only has Healthie minimized administrative work, but it has also enhanced the provider experience. By integrating with third-party applications such as Office Ally, Fullscript, & various fitness trackers, Healthie empowers providers to better serve their clients, without having to leave the Healthie portal. This allows CSN’s providers to spend more time with clients, rather than repetitively documenting across multiple platforms.

"Our experience since partnering with Healthie has been exceptional and empowering. Exceptional because we routinely see the impact Helathie’s high-quality product has on our provider and member experience. Empowering because we know that as we continue to grow and adapt to better support our members, Healthie is constantly evolving to provide the best solution available."
Robert Marty
Robert Marty
A woman sitting at a table with a glass of water and a laptop, working on her computer.

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