Living Plate enhance their delivery of care with Healthie

Living Plate faced obstacles in delivering care efficiently due to disjointed systems. Healthie allowed Living Plate to consolidate tools, streamline operations, and focus on client experience. The transition resulted in time savings, scalability, and improved client satisfaction, driving business growth and enhancing patient outcomes.

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Living Plate experience business growth with Healthie

Healthie's features transformed providers’ workflows and the patient experience.

By adopting Healthie, Living Plate experienced transformative outcomes in their business operations and client care. Time-saving features and streamlined workflows allowed providers to focus on expanding their business and increasing patient volume. The ability to offer new services, such as online courses through Healthie's Programs feature, contributed to revenue growth and diversified business verticals. The seamless continuity of care and improved client experience led to enhanced client satisfaction and retention. Living Plate's utilization of Healthie's features not only optimized internal processes but also empowered their team to deliver high-quality care and support, ultimately driving business success and client outcomes.


Living Plate faced challenges that were negatively impacting providers and patients

Utilizing several tools to serve patients Living Plate’s delivery of care was impacting the patient experience.

Living Plate faced significant challenges as they sought to establish their food-focused practice. Jeanne Petrucci, MS, RDN, recognized the importance of building close relationships with clients for effective care. However, using multiple platforms—calendar tools, telehealth platforms, food logging apps, charting platforms, and even pen and paper—proved inefficient and time-consuming. Constantly toggling between four desktop tabs and three mobile apps hindered workflow and client engagement. The disjointed system led to frustration for both the team and clients, impacting the quality of care and slowing down operations.


Living Plate overcomes challenges by leveraging the Healthie EHR and practice management solution

Healthie's integrated features streamlined operations and enhanced client engagement.

Living Plate found a comprehensive solution to their operational challenges with Healthie. Consolidating various tools into one platform enabled significant improvements in workflow efficiency and client engagement. Healthie's features, such as the customizable calendar, streamlined appointment scheduling, and automated reminders, reduced administrative burdens and freed up valuable time for business growth initiatives. 

The seamless transfer of patient records and robust support from Healthie's team alleviated concerns about transitioning to a new practice management platform. This consolidation enhanced continuity of care across practitioners, allowing for seamless collaboration and client support even when a provider is out of the office.

"Pre-Healthie, I found myself fussing so much with various platforms, it was like I was juggling all the time. The lack of consolidation was maddening."
Jeanne Petrucci MS, RDN
Jeanne Petrucci MS, RDN
A woman skillfully chopping vegetables on a cutting board with precision and focus.

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