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Kelly's Choice faced hurdles in delivering nutrition education due to fragmented systems hindering communication and engagement. Healthie emerged as their solution, streamlining communication, hosting valuable content and fostering engagement. Leveraging Healthie's features, Kelly's Choice broke down content, consolidated client interactions, and expanded nationwide. Kelly's Choice now efficiently delivers nutrition education, powered by Healthie's comprehensive solution.

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The Impact of Healthie on Nutrition Education at Kelly's Choice

Healthie facilitated efficient communication, nationwide scaling, and personalized care, for Kelly’s Choice.

 Implementing Healthie yielded significant outcomes for Kelly's Choice. Their ability to organize and deliver content through Healthie's programs allowed them to effectively engage with thousands of clients simultaneously, this fostered efficient communication and client education without exhausting company resources.  

Leveraging Healthie, Kelly’s Choice also positioned themselves for rapid growth. With Healthie's comprehensive support, Kelly's Choice expanded their services and community reach, diversifying their offerings while maintaining operational efficiency. Additionally, Healthie facilitated the nationwide scaling of Kelly's Choice's corporate programs, empowering them to extend their impact and services across the country with confidence and ease.

The real-time client engagement features within Healthie ensured that while they increased their index of content as well as their geographic footprint, the care remained personalized for each individual, leading to tangible health improvements and lasting behavior changes.


Kelly’s Choice faces challenges in nutrition education delivery

Kelly's Choice sought to bridge gaps in nutrition education, facing fragmented systems hindering efficient communication and engagement.

Kelly's Choice, led by Kelly Springer, MS, RD, CDN, aimed to revolutionize nutrition education, recognizing the limitations of traditional methods. Despite offering on-site wellness workshops and in-person counseling, she encountered barriers in reaching all those in need, especially corporate wellness employees unable to leave their posts and community members lacking access to nutrition education. The critical challenge was clear: Kelly's Choice needed a cohesive platform to organize content, foster authentic client connections, and drive personal transformations. The existing fragmented approach, with separate platforms for videos, appointments, and billing, hindered efficiency and coherence, highlighting the pressing need for an integrated solution.


Kelly’s Choice streamlines nutrition education with Healthie's all-in-one solution

Kelly’s Choice uses the Healthie EHR and customer engagement platform to consolidate client engagement, support scalability, and enable nationwide expansion.

 Facing the challenge of fragmented communication and engagement, Kelly's Choice found a comprehensive solution in Healthie. Healthie's suite of features empowers Kelly's Choice to organize and distribute their extensive content effectively. By leveraging Healthie's programs, they can break down content into manageable segments over 12 weeks, enabling streamlined distribution to thousands of clients simultaneously. 

Kelly’s Choice leveraged Healthie’s chat feature and mobile app to consolidate all client interactions into a single platform. This enables direct client-dietitian communication for quick support and guidance, without information being lost. The mobile app allows clients to log food, receive feedback, and engage in telehealth sessions, fostering ongoing interaction. This continuous engagement enhances client progress and ensures successful nutrition education outcomes for Kelly's Choice.

Moreover, Healthie serves as the backbone of Kelly's Choice's expansion, accommodating worksite workshops, corporate wellness initiatives, community programs, sports nutrition, and private practice seamlessly. The Healthie solution freed up company resources and allowed for scalability. Facilitated by Healthie's robust telehealth capabilities, enabling Kelly's Choice to extend their reach across the nation with ease.

"We’re growing so rapidly and we have these amazing people helping us. I think that partnerships and working together are so important."
Kelly Springer MS, RD, CDN
Kelly Springer MS, RD, CDN
A woman cooking in a kitchen surrounded by various ingredients and utensils.

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