Switching to Healthie Positions Nourish For Long-term Growth

Nourish had outgrown their previous EHR platform. The Nourish team needed a modern, API-first platform that would be flexible, elegant, and work for them for the next 5-10 years. In just 5 weeks, Nourish migrated from Simple Practice with no service disruption. Nourish now leverages Healthie’s API for customer experience and a differentiated product offering, and benefits from streamlined back-office operations.

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Healthie Enables Nourish To Stay Lean During Times of High Growth

Healthie’s simplified workflows and API capabilities allow the Nourish team to refocus resources.

Migrating to the Healthie platform, Nourish has been able to focus on its mission of simplifying nutrition for every person by expanding access to personalized, evidence-basedvirtual nutrition therapy. Nourish has been able to decrease manual back office work and increase operational efficiency. While using Simple Practice, Nourish needed twice as many administrators for billing, client communication, and to manage complicated workflows. Now the Nourish team maintains a lean administrative team and has instead implemented many automated processes that are built to scale. The team is executing at a faster speed, building a better experience for patients, maintaining elegant team communication, and creating a differentiated clinician experience with easier access to customer information. 

Healthie’s hands-on approach made it easy for Nourish to quickly implement their nuanced workflows that their clinical team had been trained on. “On the Data and Engineering side, we had created many unique workflows in Simple Practice, and Healthie approached our migration as an equal partner who was committed to making the experience seamless. Our dietitians said that there had never been an easier EMR transition. Our care was not interrupted at all, and we saw no change in our cancellation rates.” 


Nourish Needed an API-First EHR to Serve Growing Team of Clinicians

Previous platform, Simple Practice, did not have API.

Nourish was growing quickly, and needed an API-first platform (with webhooks) that was also clinician-friendly. They had also built out complex clinical workflows to support their team, and needed to continue building out these elaborate and unique workflows on top of their core platform.  Nourish needed an EHR solution that had the flexibility to adapt their existing workflows. Nourish did not want to invest the engineering resources building an EHR platform from scratch and also wanted to find a platform they could easily customize and build on top of.

Nourish evaluated Canvas Medical, Athena, and Elation, and ultimately chose Healthie because of the platform’s capabilities and positive feedback from existing Healthie customers. Nourish clinicians and registered dieticians also strongly advocated for Healthie, having used Healthie in the past.


Nourish Seamlessly Relaunches with the Healthie API and Platform

The Healthie team integrate Nourish’s existing workflows and provide limitless API capabilities.

Nourish was determined to switch over to the Healthie platform with little to no disruption in their delivery of care to virtual eating disorder treatment. Unlike their previous platform which had zero API capabilities or webhooks, Healthie provided a lightweight solution with limitless capabilities. “Leveraging the Healthie API makes everything very accessible.” Moreover, the Healthie team successfully transferred existing workflows to prevent any interruption or loss of data. 

Relaunching with Healthie in just 5 weeks, Nourish’s team of clinicians experienced an easy transition to the platform. “Our clinicians said that there had never been an easier EMR transition. Our care was not interrupted; there was no change in cancellation rates.” Currently using Healthie’s scheduling, fax, in-app charting, claim management, calendar, and reporting capabilities, Nourish’s providers have easier access to information and can seamlessly move from one patient to another. 

Not only does Healthie allow Nourish to execute at a fast speed, but they are also providing a better experience for patients. With a better client-facing application built on top of Healthie's platform, alongside customized reminders and more reliable video-conferencing, patient satisfaction has increased since the switch to Healthie. Next, Nourish looks forward to data warehousing through Healthie and even deeper integrations with the APIs.

"Healthie has allowed us to rapidly scale the number of providers and patients we serve without sacrificing quality or burdening our client experience team. We’re excited to grow alongside Healthie to get more people the quality nutritional counseling they need."
Aidan Dewar
Aidan Dewar
A serene beach with crystal clear blue waters, white sandy shores, and a few palm trees swaying in the gentle breeze.

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