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Increase Patient Engagement Using Telemedicine

Find new ways to connect and support patients between sessions to help drive improved health outcomes.

As technology continues to transcend and redefine healthcare, wellness clinics are able to utilize newer technologies to advance both patient health outcomes and business operations. Telehealth services can help wellness clinics and businesses improve patient experiences and increase client engagement in ingenious ways.

While an EHR has become a commonplace tool within clinics, clinics are now seeking to incorporate telehealth and patient engagement technologies within their day-to-day operations. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, more clinics are embracing the utilization of telehealth technology and implementing innovative processes.

Leverage Healthie’s guide to learn how wellness providers and patients alike benefit from adding patient engagement tools and telehealth capabilities alongside an EHR.

Here’s what you’ll find inside our guide Increasing Patient Engagement with Telehealth:

  • Benefits of a Patient Engagement and Telehealth Software for Clinics
  • Core Features of Healthie’s Patient Engagement and Telehealth Software
  • Case Study: Incorporating Healthie into WIC Centers

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