Webinar Replay: How to Create A Corporate Wellness Program

Watch Healthie's webinar and learn how to create a corporate health and wellness program from dietitian Caroline Kinzey of Good Measure Meals.

Corporate wellness programs were created to improve the quality of life for employees, which creates better employee retention, lowers sick-day absences, and overall, encourages bonds between employees as they support each other in reaching their health goals.  Corporate wellness services have been shown to decrease employee healthcare costs by $3.27 for every dollar spent on corporate wellness programs, marking a financially beneficial return on investment after implementing these services.  

Nutrition and wellness professionals are particularly desirable candidates to run corporate wellness programs. With recent expansions in insurance coverage, as well as the widespread adoption of telehealth, many employers are seeking to implement corporate wellness programs in their businesses. 

With an uptick in demand for corporate wellness services, nutrition and wellness professionals have the opportunity to create and offer unique services to employers.The corporate health and wellness market is expected to grow to $97.4 billion by 2027, with a CAGR of 6.9%.  Moreover, developing corporate wellness programs with virtual and video components enable wellness professionals to expand their reach, impacting the health of countless employees.  Especially in a time where going to work and participating in a program may not be safe, having the ability to diffuse programs to thousands of participants not only improves their health outcomes but will help your business grow exponentially. 

In this Healthie webinar, corporate health and wellness dietitian Caroline Kinzey, MS RDN LD of Good Measure Meals explains an effective strategy for building successful corporate wellness programs. 

Caroline walks through…

  • The different types of wellness programs
  • How to structure a corporate wellness services 
  • Ways to pitch your program to potential clients
  • Tips for employee engagement
  • How to measure the outcomes of your programs. 

Moreover, Caroline provides tips on the most effective ways to diffuse your program to participants, whether in person or virtually. 

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