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Guide to Nutrition Software for Universities

Learn how our services improve university nutrition program's virtual care.

Are you ready for a convenient way to connect with your student population and deliver virtual care? 

Nutritional care is climbing to the forefront of healthcare management, as the number one way to prevent chronic disease. Relatedly, it simply makes sense for those administering the nutrition care to increase their health and wellness offerings, given the direct implications on improving healthcare outcomes, bolstering health care costs, increasing community reach and reputation, and building ongoing relationships with clients for repeat visits. 

Registered dietitians and qualified health care professionals are being tasked with developing innovative, tailored lifestyle intervention programs that make a lasting impact on the health and wellness of clients. Insurance companies are starting to take notice, as the amount of coverage for wellness professionals continues to increase each year. 

Nutritional care delivery is also expanding to in-person and virtual delivery to meet participants where they are - in the office, at home, at the grocery store, and online. It is through longitudinal engagement that colleges and universities are finding their foothold. 

To help you understand how to use Healthie’s nutrition software  within your university, Healthie has put together this quick guide for you to use, including: 

  • Core features of Healthie
  • Efficacy of nutrition care from universities
  • How Universities can use Healthie
  • Case Study: Michigan State University

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