How to Automate Your Private Practice

Read how automated billing, invoices, and emails can save your private practice time. Learn about Healthie's healthcare scheduling solutions.

We want to help you grow your business, which is why we created Healthie. To save you time and money, and help reduce your stress as a business owner, we’ve created several automations that will give you more time to focus on business growth and superior client care.

But we get it. Automating your practice may sound nerve-wracking. You pride yourself on being able to reach your clients in person, providing that additional personal touch.

Today we’re going to discuss how automating your practice can quicken administrative tasks and support your clients, without losing the one-on-one attention and care.

Here are 5 ways automating your nutrition private practice can help boost your business:

1. Send Automated Emails to Nutrition Clients

Automated emails can be a fantastic resource for both you and your clients. If you are not currently sending out emails before or after a consultation, an automated email can be another great point to connect and share handouts or educational guides to continue that support. You can automate this process either by connecting it to your scheduling platform or by scheduling the email once the appointment is made.

With Healthie, you can send automated emails for a variety of situations. You can customize your messages to best fit your practice needs. Here are 4 types of automated emails you can customize in Healthie:

  • Welcome Emails
    This is your opportunity to welcome clients to your practice or online portal. If you’re adding them as a New Client, the welcome them to your practice, give an overview, and introduce them Healthie. The welcome email includes a link for the client to set up their Healthie account, set a password, and start filling out their intake forms.
  • Purchase/Booking Confirmation Emails
    These emails are often similar to the welcome email (above), but you may want to adjust the text slightly to reflect that a client is being added to the Healthie platform from your website, versus you manually adding them.
  • Appointment Confirmation Emails
    This email is sent to a client when you or your client books an appointment through Healthie.
  • Appointment Reminder Emails
    This email is sent to a client in advance of a session. You can adjust the timing of these reminders (1, 2, 3 or 4 days in advance of a session, via email or text).

Emails are a great way to maintain client retention. Another way to do this is with Healthie’s Client Engagement Portal, where you can establish wellness goals for clients to track on a daily, weekly, and long-term basis with customizable client notifications/reminders. Click here to try this feature, and many others, for free today with Healthie’s Starter Plan.

2. Automate Appointment Reminders

Manually confirming your appointments can take hours out of your week. To save you time and energy, you can automate appointment confirmations in Healthie. In addition to the email option stated above, you can also choose to text appointment confirmations to your clients.

To set up your appointment reminders, go to Calendar >> More >> Set Appointment Settings. You will be able to set up email and/or text reminders for 1, 2, 3, or 4 days in advance.

3. Enable Recurring Payments for Client Packages

If you offer clients monthly packages, with monthly billing frequencies, we can handle the heavy lifting (or billing!).

You can set up your packages to bill clients at the interval you choose: one-time, weekly,  bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. You do not need to think about it or lift a finger! Isn’t it lovely that your money will effortlessly appear in your bank account? (We think so too!)

Healthie makes completing insurance and billing forms easy. Collect the need-to-know details right with an intake form. Fill out your form or Superbill once, and it will save to auto-fill the information for that client the next time. To learn more, start your free trial today.

4. Automate Booking Through Your Website

Did you know that you can embed your calendar on your website so prospective and current clients can automatically book an appointment with you? Healthie’s embeddable calendar is one of our favorite features to help you grow your practice and save you time!

Once you integrate your calendar on your website, anyone visiting your site can buy a package and directly book an appointment with you. By eliminating the additional step of inquiry, then going back and forth to find an available appointment time, new and existing clients have a seamless booking experience with you.

5. Send Message Blasts

Sending messages to your clients is a great way to motivate, inspire, and improve success rates. We know a number of nutrition professionals who utilize motivational text messages as a way to support their clients and keep them on track. While it may make sense to send encouragement to a few clients individually, it is not scaleable to send unique messages to every client as your practice grows.

But you can deliver one written message to multiple clients with Healthie’s message blast. Our message blast feature functions like a bcc in an email. Each client will receive the message as if it was written only to them. You can send images and text to your clients in a way that allows for easy, organized, and personal responses.

Click here to try all of these features risk-free with our Starter Plan and see how Healthie can help you automate your business.

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Make more time to grow your business

Use a platform that automates the administrative, so you can focus on growth and care.

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Make more time to grow your business

Use a platform that automates the administrative, so you can focus on growth and care.

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