Pros & Cons of Listing Nutrition Consultation Prices Online

Learn the pros and cons of listing nutrition consultation prices online. Discover the benefits of listing nutritionist costs per session.

As a wellness professional, your website is a powerful tool that can attract prospective clients, compel them into reading more about your business and convert them into a paying customer. As a marketing tool, websites are a visual and effective way in showcasing your brand, mission and services. Visitors are able to navigate through your site to learn more about you and your business. Your target client should feel connected and confident that booking a session with you but first, how much do your nutrition consultation services cost? One important factor to consider is whether or not to publicly list your prices on your wellness website.

Most nutrition and wellness practitioners agree that it’s helpful to provide an overview of your approach to nutritional care and even a description of the packages and services you offer. However, the consensus is still out on posting nutrition consultation prices themselves.

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The Pros of  Putting Nutrition Prices on Your Wellness Website

Posting your nutrition prices on your website can have many benefits, including setting the tone for your relationship with your clients, boosting your conversion rate, and enticing clients to sign up to work with you. 

✓ Increase Transparency

By listing your prices on your website, you show clients right away that you are upfront and transparent. They will appreciate knowing the basic costs of working with you before setting up an appointment or even an exploratory phone call with you. Pricing is usually one of the most important determining factors for a client when choosing a wellness provider. Being clear about nutrition consultation prices and prices per session from the get-go will avoid clients getting too far into the process of working together and then realizing the prices won’t work for them, and leaving them disappointed. 

If you don’t list your nutrition prices online, it will likely be one of the first questions clients ask during their first appointment or discovery call. When the prices are not what they expected, clients may abruptly end the call and move onto another provider. A lack of transparency can leave clients feeling uncomfortable, and decrease the chances they recommend you to friends and family. Honesty is always the best policy, and clients will appreciate your transparency not only up front, but throughout your entire time working together. 

✓ Boost Your Conversion Rate On Initial Calls

This level of increased transparency decreases your potential clients’ barrier to entry.  Clients are already familiar with the services and associated prices, lowering the chances that it is a hurdle to getting started in working together. You can spend your initial consultation actually focusing on what the potential client wants to achieve when working together, rather than haggling over nutritionist costs per session and consultation prices. You can spend the time demonstrating the value of your services, and why you set your prices as they are. 

With low barriers to entry, your conversion rate on discovery calls is sure to increase. With increased transparency and clear communication, clients will be more likely to jump on board and schedule their next appointment with you. You can trust that prospective clients have nothing holding them back and are fully committed to the wellness journey. 

✓ You Create Excitement

Believe it or not, posting your prices is a way to generate some excitement about your packages. When you list a price for a package that a client can use over a period of time, they better understand this package is an investment in their health. They can picture themselves achieving goals over the course of your time working together, and can generate more excitement within your clients. Packages are also a great way to offer services at a slightly discounted price in exchange for the commitment of working together for a longer period of time. Clients can see they are getting a deal, and will be excited to make the initial purchase. 

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 The Cons of Putting Nutritionist Prices on Your Wellness Website

However, putting your prices on your website can lock you into some uncomfortable situations with your clients. You don’t want to feel as though you can’t ever change your prices, or have clients be deterred from working with you because they don’t feel they can afford your services. 

✓ Your Prices Will Be More Difficult to Change

When you post your prices online, you could become locked in with those rates for a longer period of time. Frequently, and publicly, changing your prices is not the best business practice. Especially when you first begin, it can be difficult to determine your prices. You may need to change prices every month or so as you build up your client base, and listing your prices on your website can prevent you from doing so. 

Additionally, if you have prospective clients that check your website periodically when considering whether or not to work with you, constant changes in price could deter them from taking the leap to sign up. Your clients need consistency and transparency from the healthcare provider, and the indecisiveness of (public) periodic price increases does not convey that to prospective clients. It is absolutely normal to change your prices as your business grows, but keep that in mind when making the decision on whether or not to list them online. 

✓ You May Lose Prospective Wellness Clients

Your nutrition pricing is a key part of your branding, meaning it is one of the most important determining factors when targeting your ideal client. Consider this ideal client, and match price points with their ability to pay. Anything too high may turn them away, but pricing your services too low may dissuade others from working with you. Additionally, reading a price off a website is entirely different than hearing you describe the value of your service over the phone and explaining why the price is the way it is. Clients will have an easier time making a snap decision based on price, because they haven’t had the opportunity to hear from you directly. 

Your decision is not black and white, it can be difficult to come to a final decision on your own. Posting your rates publicly will depend a lot on your clientele, how you plan on acquiring new clients, whether you accept insurance, and your level of experience. 

✓ Expose Yourself to the Competition

If you list your nutrition consultation prices and cost per session information on your website, they are out in the open for any of your competitors to view. Any other wellness practitioners in the area can view exactly what you offer service-wise, and how much you charge. While we would hope your local community of wellness professionals would be supportive, it is possible they could use this against you and try to undercut your prices for the same services, depending on the position of their business. As we mentioned earlier, seeing prices on the website can cause clients to make a snap decision solely based on financials. When they are deciding between you and a competitor who both offer similar services, but your competitor has lower prices, they are going to be more likely to simply choose the most financially viable option, causing you to lose out on the business. 

Healthie for Wellness Businesses

Overall, choosing to post prices on your site will depend on your clientele, how you plan on acquiring new patients, whether you will take insurance, and your level of experience. One workaround we’ve seen is to offer a larger variety of packages at many price points, so patients can choose the package that works within their price point. Another great strategy: maintain the option of offering promo codes and specials, during holidays or other campaigns you choose to run.

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