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Discover how personalizing your brand can help your health and wellness private practice stand out among the competition.

When it comes to creating your own brand for your nutritional counseling private practice, you don’t need a whole creative team on staff to get started. Today we’re sharing a few quick and easy tips to share how you can personalize your brand to not only make your practice stand out but to make you stand out above the rest! When connecting with new clients, it is getting to know you as a person that will elevate your brand and build that relationship from the moment they hear about you

Name Your Practice Something You Love

If you’re still very early in launching your practice, think carefully about what you want to name it. Name your practice something that you love to make it feel like it’s your own. Come up with a name that you are not afraid to stamp on t-shirts, water bottles, and pens. (Whether that’s something you one day plan on having or not, that’s a great way to think about the name. Make sure it’s something you’re proud to share.) Many nutrition professionals will name their practice after themselves, that is something that is completely great to do as well – after all, what could be more personal? A name though is a place where you can really have fun with your practice, so don’t be afraid to play with it a little.

Build a Connection by Including Pictures

While it’s great to put your logo everywhere that you can, including actual pictures of you on your website, on social media, and in other forms of advertising and brand outreach such as newsletters, can go a long way in building that relationship with clients. Pictures of you- a real person- in our increasingly virtual world will start building that trust in you from the moment your client looks you up. Some nutrition professionals will pay for professional shots, but playing around with a personal camera for a little while at home or around your neighborhood with a friend or loved one is a great alternative.

Share Your Life Where You Can

Social media, blogs, and even newsletters can be great places to share bits and pieces of your life along with nutrition-related content. In blogging, this is especially easy. When posting an original recipe, you don’t just share the ingredients but set the scene. Why do you choose those ingredients? Who do you share this dish with at home? What do you loved ones think of it?

The idea is, your personal life doesn’t need to dominate your content across platforms, but sharing things that you love and a bit of your life outside of work will not only make the content both easier and more enjoyable to share but, it’ll add to your relationship with your clients.

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