Expanding Your Private Practice: A Guide to Offering Telehealth Services Across State Borders

Explore our tips on out of state telehealth for those looking to expand their private practice. Practice telehealth out of state with Healthie's tools.

Practitioners from various disciplines are exploring opportunities to extend their services beyond local boundaries, using telehealth to expand their geographic reach. Whether you specialize in nutrition, physical therapy, mental health, gender-affirming care, or other healthcare domains, the integration of telehealth can open new avenues for reaching your potential patients. This comprehensive guide explores strategies for growing your practice, effective promotion, navigating telehealth across state borders, and leveraging Healthie's tools to simplify the expansion process.

How Do You Grow Your Practice?

You’ve gone through the initial phase of having a newly opened practice, which is no small feat! Now that the dust has settled, you’re ready to increase your patient load, and there are several ways to expand your healthcare practice. 

  • Establish a robust online presence with an engaging website and specialized content. 
  • Market your business by using paid ads to increase site traffic. 
  • Leverage healthcare directories to increase visibility. 
  • Network with other professionals and participate in community events to enhance visibility and receive referrals. 
  • Increase availability by streamlining current operations, enabling practitioners to be more productive.
  • Expand both your local and geographic reach with telehealth.

While there are many strategies for expanding that you can start employing immediately, you may consider providing telehealth out-of-state once your business has the right resources and credentials. In your local area, there are potential patients who – due to time constraints or physical limitations – struggle to make regular healthcare appointments. By diversifying your delivery of care, you can remove such barriers for these potential patients. In addition, opening your business to potential patients in different states provides ample opportunity to grow your practice. However, it is not as easy as clicking a button. In order to start providing out-of-state telehealth properly, there are going to be a few extra factors to consider. Different states have varying regulations and requirements that you need to familiarize yourself with to ensure you can comply - we will discuss this later. 

How Should You Promote Your Practice?

Before we dive into a few out-of-state telehealth guidelines, let’s go over some tips you can get started on quickly. You might already be promoting your private practice, whether directly or indirectly. 

Direct methods of promotion are what we tend to think of as traditional marketing, such as buying space on a billboard or in a newspaper. While those mediums are still in use, it is much more popular now to create paid ads on platforms such as Google or Facebook. Direct methods of promotion tend to have a more immediate result, but only as long as the campaign runs. Some direct methods of promotion include:

  • Print ads in magazines, papers, etc. 
  • Direct mail fliers
  • Paid ads on social media or search engines
  • Pre-roll ads on video platforms such as YouTube

Indirect methods of promotion, on the other hand, create brand awareness, but without an explicit push to purchase. These methods of promotion are sometimes free monetarily, but time-consuming to create. Unlike direct promotion, indirect methods often take time to gain momentum, but are usually more enduring. Methods of indirect promotion include: 

  • Creating high value content to optimize search engine optimization (SEO); such as blog posts, articles, or videos addressing common healthcare concerns relevant to your target audience. 
  • Collaboration with local businesses, community organizations, and healthcare providers to expand your referral network. 
  • Online reviews and testimonials. 

Incorporating Telehealth into your Promotions 

Potential patients will be impressed that your practice is using modern means of connecting with patients, so communicate it! When expanding your offering to include telehealth, consider how this would change how you promote your practice. Using the word ‘telehealth’ in your promotions will let people know that they can easily access your services via their phone, eliminating obstacles associated with going into an office. To target specific locations, use keywords that will let people know you serve more than your immediate geographic area by addressing additional cities or states. Now, let’s dive into some tips for practicing telehealth out of state.

Can I Provide Telehealth Across State Lines?

Providing telehealth services across state lines is a common concern for healthcare practitioners. If you’re wondering, “How can I provide telehealth across state lines,” it’s important to take laws and licensure into account. Understanding the legal and regulatory landscape is essential, and the information doesn’t always seem readily available. Not all states have uniform regulations, and understanding the nuances can be challenging. Factors such as licensure reciprocity, state telehealth laws, and professional board regulations come into play. It's crucial to research and familiarize yourself with each state's specific requirements and restrictions before offering your services there. As telehealth has gained in popularity, websites such as CCHP are making that easier than ever before. 

What is the Busiest State for Telemedicine?

So, which states allow telehealth across state lines, and where are the busiest states to expand your practice? Understanding the landscape of telemedicine can provide valuable insights for practitioners looking to expand their reach. As of recent data, states like California, New York, and Texas have seen significant telehealth activity. However, the landscape is dynamic, and practitioners should continually monitor trends to align their expansion strategies with areas experiencing increased demand for telemedicine services, and also which states might be most underserved.

Do You Need a New License to Practice Telehealth in Another State?

Out-of-state telehealth practices require getting through a little more red tape to get up and running properly. Navigating the regulatory requirements for practicing telehealth across state lines involves addressing the question of whether a new license is needed. Some states have adopted licensure compacts or agreements that facilitate the process for practitioners seeking to practice across borders. Researching individual state licensing requirements and participating in any available compacts can streamline the process. 

Use Healthie's Tools to Make Expanding Your Practice Easier

Healthie's services and tools offer healthcare practitioners a streamlined solution for expanding their telehealth services across state lines. The platform provides secure and compliant telehealth capabilities, simplifying the process of offering remote sessions to patients in different states. Healthie's user-friendly interface, appointment scheduling features, and secure communication tools enhance the overall telehealth experience for both practitioners and patients.

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