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Explore nutrition education materials for dietitians at Healthie. Find EHR education resources and technology for health and wellness.

Nutrition technology is changing the way that dietitians practice care. It seems like every day we hear about a new app, smart tool, or platform available for nutritionists to practice with care. This is definitely an exciting time to be in the field of nutrition!

Here is a comprehensive list for nutrition professionals interested in learning more about nutrition technology.

Health Websites

HealthIT is a government-run website and a great resource for learning about EHRs (electronic health records). Though the website’s main focus is for EHR education, you can also find information on financing, in-person support, and healthcare resources for patients.

HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) is a cause-based non-profit that uses information technology to improve the management and quality of health care around the world. On the HIMSS website, you can find professional development opportunities and a library of nutrition tech resources, or sign up as a member to receive more materials.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ website provides information about becoming a dietitian, advancing your career and practice, and using nutritional education to improve health and advocacy. The resources on nutrition technology available on this website are growing. It’s also an incredible resource for dietitians who are just starting out or interested in pursuing a private practice. The “Nutrition Informatics” page also features blog posts addressing important and interesting topics related to dietetics.

Telehealth is the future of healthcare, and staying up to date with the latest technologies provided can help take your private practice to the next level. Sign up for a Free Starter Account with Healthie to see how telehealth can be integrated into your practice.

Health Blogs for Dietitians

Healthie Blog – at the forefront of nutrition technology, Healthie publishes free articles to help dietitians and nutrition professionals launch, build and grown a successful nutrition business. No matter what stage of growth your nutrition practice is in, Healthie’s guides can help you find new ways to expand your business.

If you’re truly looking to grow your wellness business, Healthie’s practice management software can help through client retention strategies, facilitating partnerships, and more. Get started for free today! – MobiHealth News publishes articles daily through its website and newsletter about different ways of connecting technology and nutrition; from articles about the prevalence of fitness trackers to ones about the evolution of new healthcare companies, this website will definitely keep you in the loop on the world of dietetics. – This blog, which is published by Food & Nutrition Magazine and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, features recipes, reviews of relevant books and apps, and articles about health trends and myths.

eBooks for Dietitians

(all available for purchase at

An App A Day and An App A Day for Health Professionals – Written by Catherine Frederico, these eBooks focus on nutrition-focused apps; An App A Day outlines 400 different applications that can help consumers manage their health, while An App A Day for Health Professionals features applications that effectively manage clients.

HIA: Health Informatics Acronyms – If you aren’t completely sure what the difference is between a RD, CDE, or CDN is, then this eBook is perfect for you! This book features a list of over 500 acronyms used in health professions and descriptions of what their roles entail.

Nutrition Technology Videos

Catherine Frederico’s Practicing Digital Health in Nutrition

In this video, Catherine Frederico, MS, RD, LDN, walks through the 7 areas of dietetics practice and the role of technology in each. Not only is this video informative, Frederico also talks about how these innovations have affected the course of her career.

Academy’s Community Health Informatics Work Group

This video discusses the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ Community Health Informatics Work Group (CHI) and their ongoing initiatives. Since 2011, CHI has been committed to providing technological resources and awareness to nutritionists and dietitians. Though the video gives a thorough overview of the gadgets CHI uses and promotes, you can find more information at their website (,

Webinar, “A Primer on Technology for Dietitians

This video provides a complete overview of technology in dietetic practice, from its purpose and history to ways of incorporating it in your business. All the methods listed are designed to simplify challenging tasks and make workflow more effective.

This is a small sampling of important nutrition technology resources and are posted here for informational purposes only. Frederico Arts LLC and Healthie Inc do not take any responsibility for their content. Inclusion in this list does not imply endorsement.

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