3 Holiday Marketing Strategies for the Winter

Learn holiday marketing strategies for your private practice. Discover how to implement social media marketing during the winter season.

During the holidays, why not use this festive season to promote your practice? Although the Christmas season may not obviously lend itself to nutritional care, it is a great opportunity to embrace the festivities. Today we’re sharing a few ways to help get your practice’s name out there all by spreading some holiday cheer.

3 Holiday Marketing Strategies for Your Private Practice:

1. Be active on social media

Get festive on your social media accounts! Show how you celebrate while still staying nutritionally-conscientious. This is a  great place to share ingredient swaps on old classic holiday favorites along with new health-conscious favorites to add into the mix. Post pictures of your dishes you love on Instagram or Pinterest and post the recipe on your blog!

Beyond just food, why not offer up some holiday wisdom: What are your holiday nutrition strategies? What health-conscious holiday traditions are you embracing? Share it on Twitter or your blog. Take the chance to get personal.

2. Be positive in your messaging

Holidays are a fantastic time to reconnect. What better way than a holiday card! Wishing old clients and new clients “Happy Holidays” can go a long way. You can opt to go with the classic snail mail route so that your clients can hang your card out with the rest of their collection or there is always the chance to create a holiday newsletter! Sending a nice “Happy Holidays” email with updates about your practice along with some holiday-themed content can be a great way to get someone’s attention

3. Host a holiday event

The holiday season is a fantastic time to throw an event. Share your expertise and host educational events such as nutrition education webinars or maybe a festive cooking classes! Throwing a quick event once or twice in December is a great way to bring in revenue while still getting your name out there and reaching new potential clients.

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